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Why Relationships Matter Most: We’re All Just Walking Each Other Home

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“We just walk each other home.” ~ Ram Dass

Living in the hyper-individualistic society we live in, it’s easy to forget our obligations to others. Often in the West we are taught to prioritize ourselves in the most unhealthy ways and to “strive” as best we can to achieve wealth and status.

Between the lines, we’re taught that our first responsibility is to create a “complete” version of ourselves to the extreme, and that it’s okay to give up relationships with others to achieve that. I’m here.

It has been embedded in us from day one that it is our personal self to the world. Like many others, I want to challenge this notion. What is the purpose of wealth and status if not shared with the person who loves you most?

Without companionship, community and love, what is the meaning of life itself?

Of course, I affirm that this is in no way attacking the notion of having personal external goals. Thing.

What I am saying is that none of these external goals will fulfill you in the way that true relationships can, and you can’t achieve them by abandoning healthy relationships and support systems. And if you’re thinking, “Who actual is that so? ” This introduction is not for you.

Simply put, life is a series of circumstances, circumstances, and experiences in which we reluctantly (and sometimes foolishly push ourselves). For better or worse, it’s just one adventure after another. It may sound pessimistic, but that’s what makes life beautiful. It’s the human ability to feel a range of emotions within an hour and find attraction even in the worst of situations.

A little over a year ago my aunt passed away. I remember thinking through my tears how beautiful the flowers people sent me and how bright green the grass in the cemetery was. And in despair, I remember looking around and seeing my friend.

When I remember all the times in my life when the roof was about to collapse, I had nothing left, and I wasn’t sure if I was strong enough to keep going, I remember exactly what happened. I’m here. It pushed me forward. It has always been my friends, my people. Not only did they tell me they were there for me almost every day, they showed up when I needed them most.

Were you able to overcome the hardships alone? yes. Do you prefer to do it alone? I never have.

I am infinitely grateful for the community I have created for myself. My network of friends has become my family, the mentors who guide me when things seem too confusing to resolve.

Through the kind counsel of loved ones, I have come to realize that living alone has no dignity. There is neither wisdom nor courage in facing difficulties and challenges alone when it is not necessary. Every time I forgot to make my loved ones independent (in my warped mindset) it seemed like I was adding gasoline to an already growing flame. Beneath the suffering in silence there was no deeper message, only suffering.

And I think most of us can agree that trying to handle issues alone can feel a lot harder to deal with than getting support. One is that there is always someone there to walk with you through the fire. That’s why people generally invest so strongly in their loved ones.

Part of the purpose of life I have come to learn is in my attempt to get to know someone else and to be deeply aware of myself in others. It’s all I have. It is the mirror that sustains us in the face of conflict with others.It makes us think twice before buying from a brand that uses slave labor. When we think of abused animals and children, we take a step back.

Connecting with all living things is a deeper understanding that we are all connected in some way by our humanity. In it we understand that one of our main purposes is to know and be known. Know my friends and their joys and fears, and compare how they reflect mine. I now realize that what I know myself now is in my attempts to know others.

We are all walking home with each other. The bottom line of life is very simple.

I hold hands with people around me, walking side by side, sometimes a little forward or a little backward. Some walk too fast for me to keep up with, others move too slowly. At that time, I thanked them for taking me as far as they could and continued without them, so they would continue without me.

If the journey of life is the way we travel, then the purpose of a travel companion is to help us navigate the stormy road and make the journey as interesting, exciting and comfortable as possible. is. If life is a journey, then the whole point of friendship, companionship, and mentorship is just being with each other.

If I take you home, isn’t it my purpose to do my best to protect, guide, and love you during that journey? I’m going back to And all we can do is do our best to make that journey as beautiful, warm and light as possible.

Many of us have fallen into some sort of mental trap and are completely sucked into the hyper-consumerist, individualistic mindset of the West. We are actively fighting the coveted nature of our existence.

As we age and our environment changes, so do our values. Did you sow the seed when the end was near and you just wanted to be surrounded by family and friends? Have you spent time cultivating and nurturing the relationships you have with those around you? What is the best way to bring your loved ones on their path and bring joy to your (and others’) journey? did you try

The message I’m desperately trying to get across here is that we need each other. We need love, we need companionship. We need forgiveness, we need grace. We need to be open and forgiving and accept the risk of getting hurt. And at the same time, we need to do everything we can to avoid hurting the people around us. We need to use the road to understand the importance of being kind to each other.

Life’s journey is not easy. Take a moment to reflect on all the people who have walked you in the past and all the people who keep you walking home.

Think about the connections you’ve made, the empathy and love you’ve developed in the lives of the people you care about.

And that at the end of the day, despite all the troubles and turmoil around us, we’re just going home to each other and trying to be better companions day by day. Do not forget

Dedicated to my traveling companion, you know who you are.

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