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Oh Lauren, that’s really hard! Being the first of my friends to have a child, I felt a similar rift – as much as I love my friends, it’s so helpful to have someone nearby who is going through the same/similar moments. , and you can get back to “This is it” and “Is this normal?” I don’t have any specific location tips, but keep trying. Are there any activities outside of class that conduct “Mom/Parent & Child (Baby)” sessions? We also have craft workshops. There is also a Mom and Bub surfing session. A few moms surf, a few stay on the beach with their babies, then switch (I’m on the Gold Coast, Australia). Are there any activities or types of activities that you really enjoy/enjoy/want to try? Is it possible? Good luck, I hope you find your person! Finally, ask for a phone number. It’s so hard, “Hey, do you have time to go for coffee or a playdate? Here’s my number.” “What’s your number?” I don’t know. So now I tell myself to just ask.

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