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My Beauty Uniform: Chloe Hall

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former beauty editor Chloe Hall I have always loved makeup. “I went to Catholic school, where we were only allowed to wear lip balms,” she says. “But I loosely interpreted lip balm and wore MAC her lip glasses day and night.” Now, Khloe lives with partner Cam and her son Otis, and she’s next Working behind the scenes for brands like. star face in LA. Here, she shares what it was like to interview her favorite black-owned beauty brand, Rihanna, and her go-to nude-based makeup look…

What is your morning skincare routine?
At 6 a.m., I take my 8-month-old son out of his crib to bed and give him 10,000 sloppy kisses. It’s good to start the day with hydration! After he takes his first nap, I prepare for the day.always wash together SeraveI’ve tried every bougie cleanser under the sun and this drugstore staple has taken on all challengers.

I will apply next First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream and Supergoop Unsee’s SunscreenSupergoop is lightweight, silky smooth, and completely invisible, so you don’t have to worry about whitening. my dermatologist — Dr. Joshua Seichner, Wang — recommend using vitamin C.When I remember that step, I use Beautystat Universal C Skin Refinerwhich is very powerful.

Chloe Hall beauty uniform

What products did you replace or remove during your pregnancy?
All I wanted during my pregnancy was to feel hydrated.I have improved my skincare to mainly contain black owned brandsand the hanahana body butter It was my moisturizing savior. Turn any surface into a Slip ‘N Slide. Luckily, my pregnancy cleared my skin (instead, it made my morning sickness worse) and I was able to keep it simple.

big belly every night bio oil skin care oilIt’s a pregnancy cult favorite that helps prevent stretch marks and moisturize skin.

do you wear makeup?
that’s right. I love makeup for meetings, outings, and to liven up my mood.But the pandemic has changed my relationship with makeup in a good way. love island(For those who haven’t seen it, imagine a washbasin destroyed every day!) Now, I’m using concealer. eyebrow gel; a light lip stain that doubles as blush and a few swipes of mascara.

Can you beat your totally glamorous look?
I have a foolproof nude-based full makeup look to wear with just about anything. For foundation, fenty beauty pro filter soft matte 330; then I use Make Up by Mario Masterblade Brow Pencil and glossy boy browAs for the eyes, Chanel Les 4 Ombre Quadra Eyeshadow and HudaBeauty double ended mascaraFor blush, I do Nars of SinFor lips I use sunnys nude (they have very nice colors) or MAC Lipstick Matte in Whirl.

What’s the perfect red lip color you’re wearing in the photo above?
lipstick is MAC’s Ruby Wuan OG favorite and the best red ever.

After seeing Euphoria, I immediately knew I needed more colorful makeup.Are there any makeup trends you enjoyed?
Posted in Solange This shrek green eye look I took a lot of pictures trying to rock with the clear gloss. I still need to nail it down.

What is your bedtime skin care routine?
famous esthetician Joanna Czech Gave me good advice to start my evening routine early so I could relax and get to work.i use Bioderma Sensibio H20 micellar water Remove makeup and rinse with CeraVe again.Then I first aid moisturizer again. I love it; I’m not silent about it. It’s a little heavy, but it soothes irritated skin and leaves you feeling more hydrated when you wake up.

How would you relax at night if you could do it with your baby?
Otis hates going to bed because his FOMO is intense. His dream is to be awake 24 hours a day laughing, joking and scaring people. (He loves to scare and frighten!). But we finally got him into our bedtime routine. He has dinner just before bedtime and takes long walks. i love to walk It’s the ultimate winddown. Cam jokes that I’m the queen of “one more block,” “one more loop,” and “one more river around her bend.” Oates goes to bed at 7 p.m., so she drinks red wine or sparkling water from a fancy cup. I also have a fireplace so I love to light it up and watch movies with my face mask. I live in hot Southern California like it’s winter all year round.

Chloe Hall beauty uniform

How about hair care?
I like to do something new every 3-4 months. That’s the great thing about black hair. It’s very versatile.For braids and twists, Pattern Beauty has moisturizing hair mist what i really like.For straight style, I grab oui hair oil For shine, shine, shine. I feel like the bigger the curly hair the better.like briogio and Cantu curling cream.

What was it like being a black woman in the beauty industry?
On the positive side, it feels like Beautiful Black Girls has factions and alliances built in. We all have the same goals. It’s all about getting more black and brown faces everywhere. There isn’t a great deal of mementosism and otherization that is historically always found in white institutions. I saw my position as director of Elle Beauty as a platform for others. I was asking myself: How can we ensure that a community that has never been on or written for ELLE is amplified and empowered with the power to shape beauty coverage?

Chloe Hall beauty uniform

Who are your beauty inspirations?
Rihanna You will always be my North Star. I also like seeing cool people on the street. This skateboarder took the same train route as me when I lived in New York. She wore nothing but bright yellow and she looked so cool skating far. Finally, my son has perfect skin and perfect curls, so I am inspired by his constant (unattainable) charm.

Chloe Hall beauty uniform

Please tell us about your encounter with Rihanna.
I was shivering like a leaf. Her energy really changed when she entered her room from her stomach.She actually shines even more, which seems impossible. so Kind. She was so excited I just had a baby. full of complimentsShe is proof that you can meet a hero.

did you see the super bowl?
yes! Having been pregnant not long ago, I was in awe of performing on that stage when she was pregnant with her second baby. It’s hard to conceive even on a normal Sunday when you’re alone. There are also many hits. So many hits packed into her 12 minutes and cutting fan favorites how many can leave her room floor? please.

Chloe Hall beauty uniform

At work, I have spoken to many celebrities. what is it like?
I get nervous when I hear scary stories about celebrities becoming big divas. But I’ve noticed that the more famous people tend to be, the kinder and more professional they are. Jennifer Aniston was kind and hysterical. Kim Kardashian was relaxed and chill. Gigi Hadid has not been kind. And Cardi B gave me my favorite interview of all time. I still have the recorded voice on my phone. During our interview, she was babysitting a bunch of kids with her daughter, so she stopped and told me to stop bothering the babies. We work hard for all of us.

Chloe Hall beauty uniform

Speaking of children, what would you like to teach your son about beauty?
I hope he learns to see beauty in everything.

thanks so much, chloe!

PS More women share beauty uniforms. Japanese breakfast Singer Michelle Zauner and writer Samantha Arby.

(Photo credit: Chloe Hall)

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