Winter is my favorite time of year to go to dinner in New York City. First, the city is quieter than usual, so you can get a reservation. Second, the walk feels exhilarating. You stroll through the cold, dark neighborhoods, peering into glowing apartment windows and smiling at dogs as they pass by. Finally, a warm restaurant welcomes you with the smell of French fries and the whispers of chattering people (if you’re lucky, quarreling couple next to you, haha).

Recently, when I had the chance to go out to dinner, I found myself pulling the same two pieces: trusty jeans with a lacy white top. Here are 5 clean versions. frill, cotton, eyelet, button front, gauze. idea?

I’m curious, what have you been wearing this winter? A thick sweater? A puffy jacket? A comfortable sweatshirt? do you ever love

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