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One Grey’s Anatomy Character Who Has to Retire Before His Arc Gets Butchered

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He’s worked hard enough and it’s time to let go.

Throughout the 19 seasons Grey’s Anatomy has aired, fans have seen many characters come and go in many different ways, usually more tragic than otherwise.

The character’s death and sudden departure, while traumatizing and heartbreaking, has become a joke within the fandom, with many speculating as to who is going next.

Almost every character has their own hatred, so there are always many possibilities, but one stands out the most.

Richard Webber, played by James Pickens Jr., was introduced at the beginning of the show as the Chief of Surgery and has been one of the recurring characters ever since.

He struggled a lot with an addiction that affected his relationships, his job, and all of the above, but somehow managed to get out of a bad situation with very little real damage.

After nearly two decades of growth and development, crazy storylines, romance, and mentorship, fans seem ready to say goodbye to Webber.

Many feel that Richard Webber really deserves the retirement he’s been thinking about since the show’s first season.

Fans are haunted by the fact that the once-robust, career-oriented, and ambitious character now has none of those qualities, as much as he wants to be the chief of surgery. .

It also seems real: No one can keep the same pace forever, especially after Richard goes through it all. But that doesn’t mean he should hold his seat just for that.

A lot of people would rather see someone else get a chance to shine than see someone who once had a decent personality slowly break down and become a grumpy grandpa.

It’s also going to be a breath of fresh air for the show as it tries to reboot and focus on a new group of interns.

We’ll have to wait and see if Richard can keep his place longer. For now, you can watch season 19 of Grey’s Anatomy every Thursday on ABC.

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