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Our Brooklyn Family Home, Six Years Later

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Joanna Goddard Brooklyn House Home Tour Apartment

We moved to a house in Brooklyn six years ago, and a lot has changed since then — colorful walls! New sofas! A boy with huge feet! — felt it was a good time to share an update. Come inside…

living room

Joanna Goddard Brooklyn House Tour Apartment

Sectional sofa: Maiden’s house. Coffee table: Maiden’s House. Painting: rosemary oberson. Gold pillow: article. Blue floor pillows: AmazonGreen round pillow: school building. Geometric pillows: Duesen Duesen. Hanamakura: Etsy, made of Josef Frank fabric. Round mirror, anthropology, many years ago. resemble. Floor lamp: Rosteen. Shell chair: DWRLag: Lulu and Georgia, resemble.

About shelter creation: Life is all about the fun, the fun, the tiring, the painful and the beautiful. During the past few years of ups and downs, I have tried to follow the guidance of a wise woman because I wanted my children to feel safe and loved…your children. Sometimes the important thing is actually the simplest, isn’t it? These are the two things I can do when my life gets chaotic.

In the new section: We used to have two small sofas, but as our boys got older and taller, they needed more space to stretch out their legs. Preteens have long legs!So I did a lot of research and found Maiden’s houseThere are many options (fabric, color, length, etc.) and we chose Varick, feels relaxed and comfortable—think: oversized arms, low profile, long cushions. Now I stretch out regularly for naps, movies, board games, vacations with lots of guests…my friend said the house quickly turned into her favorite party house .

Joanna Goddard Brooklyn House Home Tour Apartment

Sectional sofa: Maiden’s house. Coffee tables and side tables: Maiden’s houseFrame: Vintage mix, simple framed and frame bridge. Desk lamp: crates and barrels.

About family photos: When Alex recently moved to another apartment, I wondered what the redecorate protocol was: Should his photos be deleted? Should his books be put away? But I felt wrong to immediately hide all evidence of this wonderful and important person who has been involved in my life for the past 15 years. Also, more importantly, during this transitional period, I didn’t want to swap photos of the boy’s dad to make it look unfamiliar to our home. I stopped doing things. I think we’ll replace them with new family memories and snapshots as we move forward.


Joanna Goddard Brooklyn House Home Tour Apartment

wall color: benjamin moore chantilly laceYellow Waffle Towel: Hawkins New YorkCupboard paint: Farrow & ball downpipe.

About family meals: We usually have a quick dinner, such as pesto pasta or tacos, and the boys help cook. Toby sautés shrimp with mango and makes his famous chocolate chip cookies. On the other hand, Anton is a self-proclaimed “Egg God”, so he scrambles while playing. 1940s wartime radio As a kid born at 80, I feel like it really fits the brand (laughs).

Meals for one person: On nights when I’m home alone, I like to eat cheese and crackers. Carbonated drinkor I make a big salad. Then I watch a TV series — I’m in between shows now. (Heading this Redacles Makes me laugh. )

Joanna Goddard Brooklyn House Home Tour Apartment

Pictures of deer beds: Catherine Wolkoff. clock: Junghans, resemble.

About entertainment: Invite people over for an evening once or twice a week.we keep it very casual and order pizza and salad Or make an ice cream sundae. One thing I’ve noticed is that it’s easy to get caught up in the details beforehand. Is this shirt okay? Should I look for a bowl for chips?do we have so far did you clean the windows? — but you forget all your worries as soon as your friends walk in the door and talk and laugh. So now we just go for it and we won’t regret it.

About mixing: Last Christmas I taught my boys how to date. It’s a parenting experience that still makes me laugh. Before our adult friends came, I told the boys that people would naturally split into small groups, moving between groups and chatting for a few minutes in each group. The boys excitedly accepted the challenge and took half an hour to alternate between clusters. “My girlfriend’s five minutes are over!”

dining room

Joanna Goddard Brooklyn Home Tour

wall color: Farrow & Ball Parma GrayBubble Photo: Stuart Allen. flame: frame bridge. striped stool: hill. Dining table: Lulu and Georgia. Navy Chair: Anthropology.white chair: DWR, resemble. Floor lamp: urban outfittersBar Cart: Craiglist Vintage. Lag: Lulu and Georgia.

About the fun of painting: How would you describe your home decorating style? Over the past year I have been reading books house and garden, British Shelter Magazine. That’s very good. The British love their colors. Every room seems to have wallpaper and paint colors that I knew from my grandmother’s house, but I didn’t do much in my own room. So! Inspired, I decided to paint the dining room blue. It took me a while to find something pale that didn’t say “baby nursery” or felt cold, but I finally landed on something nice parma gray.

Anton’s bedroom

Joanna Goddard Brooklyn Home Tour

wall color: Benjamin Moore Peach Parfait. Bed: serena and lily. Pennants: books are magicDesk lamp: Target, sold out. resemble. Striped Throw: brook linen. Seat: brook linen.

About growth: Nine-year-old Anton is somewhere in between, watching cartoons and listening to hip-hop, but also sleeping with stuffed animals and asking for lullabies. I love the years they have one leg in childhood and one in adulthood. You never know which one you’ll get at any given time.

toby’s bedroom

Joanna Goddard Brooklyn Home Tour

wallpaper: Lewis. Sheets and duvets: brook linenBasketball Ramp: pottery barn teen. car photo: Matt PorterFramed personal photo: frame bridge.

About Teenager Dreams: Toby, on the other hand, is very excited to officially turn into a teenager on his next birthday. (Can you believe it?!!) He played basketball on the school team and got us all on the Warriors. Basketball is addicting!Have you seen it last danceThe story is very engaging even if you’re not a sports fan. horse play If you want to play fun games with your kids at the park.

primary bedroom

Joanna Goddard Brooklyn Home Tour

wall color: Farrow & Ball CalamineDuvet cover: Heather Taylor Home. Seat: brook linen. Pillow: marloweGold Throw: parachute. bedside table: Zara Home. bedside lamps: Rosteen. Flower painting: Jen Garrido. Paint frame: simple framed.Boy’s drawing: Kim McCartySheepskin Rugs: Jenny Kane. LARGE RUG: RoroyBench at the end of the bed: Anthropologie, resemble.

In my room: Lately I’ve been sleeping alone in this bedroom and the pink paint feels like a womb. , I love to read until I can’t open my eyes.

Joanna Goddard Brooklyn Home Tour

Round mirror: AmazonBookshelf: Etsy, resemble. plate: Chloe May Brown.

Mirror chip: Our friends Hollister and Porter are staging New York apartments for real estate agents, so they know how to make a space look beautiful without spending too much money. Their big tip when asked for house advice was to get something big and round. umbra mirror“We use them in every apartment we decorate,” they said. , suitable for rental.” I did it, I did it.

Joanna Goddard Brooklyn Home Tour

sofa: vintage, resembleCar linocut: Hugo GuinnessStool: Zara Home, resembleDakimakura: made by a friend, resemble.

In Home Sweet Home: We used to move around a lot when I was little. First in the country, then various homes in Michigan. Then, when I came to New York after college, I moved between many apartments over the years. But now we have lived in this house for almost 7 years. When I look around, every corner is a layered memory―― Anton staying awake past bedtime, Toby wrote a note to the Tooth Fairy and my friend brought me a cookie that fills my heart. I am grateful that this home has been a safe haven during the pandemic, filling it with noisy kids and stinky cheese and Motown playlists without ever complaining.We love it here. is. come. XO XO

Joanna Goddard House Tour

Thank you for reading. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. I will be happy to answer. XO XO

PS More House Tour, and 12 readers share a cozy corner.

(Photo courtesy: Alpha Smoot For Cup of Joe.styling Victoria Maioro For Cup of Joe.family portrait by Veronica Olson.)

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