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Pokémon Go finally adds Kecleon on Chespin Community Day

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After five years and two months of waiting, with surprisingly little fanfare, Pokémon GO Developer Niantic finally brings Kecleon to the mobile Get Catch ’em game.Kecleon can be caught Pokemon go after the end of saturday Chespin Community Daywill run from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM local time.

Players in countries where Chespin Community Day has already taken place, such as New Zealand and Australia, have reported being able to catch Kecleon after the event ended. Kecleon is Pokémon GOOnly appears at some PokéStops.

The coming of Kecleon is a big deal for us Pokémon GO A perfectionist who has never been able to complete the Hoenn Zukan. Kecleon is Pokémon GO standard.Pokémon from the Hoenn Region—Introduced in pokemon ruby When sapphire – it was First added to mobile games from October 2017Since then, 134 Pokémon from Hoenn have appeared. Pokémon GOplayers have waited 1,908 days for the 135th to complete the regional Pokédex.

Pokémon GO Players have been pestering Niantic about Kecleon, also known as the Color Swap Pokémon, for years. and waiting for a proper implementation. goJust last year, live game director Michael Steranka said: United States of America today“In the main series of games, Kecleon has a very unique ability. I want to make sure there is.”

So how did Niantic debut the Kecleon? Pokémon GO… special?

How to catch Kecleon in Pokemon Go

After Chespin Community Day, players will find Kecleon seemingly randomly at PokéStops. Players must tap PokéStops to see if they have Kecleon. The Pokémon is barely visible, but its distinctive jagged red markings are unmistakable. I’ll…” Kecleon “jumps” out of the PokéStop Disk and appears on the game’s world map.Kecleon can then be caught like any other Pokémon GO encounter.

Now that you can catch Kecleon (and know how to do it), another obvious question is… what took so long?Niantic has yet to comment on this, but the long-awaited appearance of Kecleon is Pokémon GO Arrive at a seemingly odd time.Kecleon skipped Hohen Throwback Challenge 2020 and Hoenn festival event In 2021, Some Players Expected Pokemon to Appear Pokémon GO Tour Hoenn Next Las Vegas moon.But ticket holders and attendees of that event may get access to another coveted catch that hasn’t been confirmed yet: Shiny Kecleon. Pokémon GO.

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