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Prince Harry and Meghan reveal bitter split from royal family in Netflix documentary

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prince harry The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Meghan, detailed the breakdown of their relationship with the British royal family in their final episode Controversial Netflix documentary.

Harry said it was “terrifying” to be yelled at by his brother Prince William during his bitter split from the family in early 2020. It looks like it’s still there.

episodes 4, 5 and 6 of “Harry & Meghan” Released Thursday, it covers the pair’s challenges since their wedding in 2018. Meghan’s deteriorating mental health, her miscarriage in 2020, and finally her decision to stop working as part of the family.

Harry initially called for a “half-in, half-out” arrangement in which Harry and Meghan would have their own jobs while working to support the Queen during a crisis family meeting. It quickly became clear that it was not the subject of discussion or debate,” said Harry.

Recalling his conversation with Prince William, he said, “It’s horrible when my brother screams and yells at me, when my dad says things that aren’t true at all, and when my grandmother sits there quietly and accepts it all. Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth at the time.

“But you have to understand that there are ways to do things from the family’s point of view, especially her point of view. ” said Harry.

Through the new episode, the two, in their view, are under constant scrutiny from the British media and their position within the royal family has become untenable after their repeated disregard for the couple’s well-being within the walls of the palace. is explained.

Buckingham Palace reiterated it would not comment on Thursday’s documentary. I will be attending a carol service with

Harry hinted that there was some jealousy from other royals for Meghan, given the amount of media attention she initially received. If someone is in the spotlight or does the job better than someone who was born to do this,” he said.

“It upsets people. .”

The series also touches on Meghan’s deteriorating mental health. her miscarriage July 2020. I really couldn’t sleep. The first morning we woke up in our new home was when I had a miscarriage,” Meghan said.

Describing her experience of suicidal thoughts, she told the filmmakers that she believed: And that was the scariest thing. It was a very clear thought. ”

“Lie, that’s one thing. Living in this family, you get used to it,” Harry added. “But what they were doing to her, the effect it had on her…enough. Enough of the pain and suffering.”

In Episode 5, Meghan said of her relationships with other royals, “I just made them proud and did everything I could to make them truly part of the family. ‘And then the bubble burst.'”

“I realized that I wasn’t just being thrown by wolves, I was being fed by them,” she said.

The couple explained the breakdown of their relationship with the royal institution.

The highly anticipated Netflix documentary shows the Sussexes’ latest attempt to recapture the story surrounding their departure from royal life.

It details Harry’s increasingly strained relationship with his brother William and father Charles III. And it underscores the suggestion that the royal family wants to set aside and isolate couples, often by instilling negative media coverage, rather than letting the popularity of the more senior royals overwhelm them.

“My father told me: ‘Darling boy, you can’t challenge the media. The media will always be the media,'” Harry said, referring to the palace’s relationship with the press as a “dirty game.” ‘, he said.

The apex of the royal system and the breakdown between Harry and Meghan, once touted in some parts of the media as the modernizing force the monarchy needs, will leave the UK in early 2020, when it will no longer work as a royal. It was a historic and controversial decision.

Harry said he had spoken to Queen Elizabeth II and arranged to meet with Meghan before the split was finalized.

“She knew we were in trouble. I told her about it many times,” said Harry. However, as the meeting approached, Meghan said she received a message from her aide that she was not allowed to meet the monarch.

“I’ve actually been told I’ve been busy all week,” the Queen said to Harry. “This is when the family and the family business are in direct conflict…in fact what they are doing is preventing their grandchildren from seeing their grandmothers,” Meghan added.

While the couple were critical of the Queen’s aide, they again made up for the late monarch himself, who died at the age of 96 in September shortly after filming on the series ended.

Their documentary and Harry’s upcoming memoir will draw more attention to the troubled relationship between the Prince and his father, King Charles.

Follow Thursday’s release Last week’s series of episodesPrince Harry criticized ‘unconscious bias’ within his family.

It remains to be seen whether the venture will boost the reputation of couples looking to shape their post-royalty personas.

A poll of 2,250 British adults conducted online by Savanta between 9 and 11 December found that six in 10 Britons thought it was a bad idea for the Duke and Duchess to release a Netflix documentary. I think series.

In the same poll, both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have negative approval ratings among the British public. Positive opinion minus negative opinion is -3 and -19 respectively. This differs from Prince William’s high popularity (+60). Charles III (+36).

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