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Reaching Retirement? 3 Tips Before You Pull the Trigger

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Retirement should be the happiest time of your life. However, it usually doesn’t end that way. There are many things to consider before you pull the trigger and enter a life permanently jobless.

With interest rates continuing to rise, markets declining and spending hitting record highs today, we’ll take a look at three tips on what future retirees should consider before leaving the labor market.

Budget for life after retirement

You may or may not have a budget. But if retirement is near, you’ll need it. And be completely realistic about your future needs and plans, including whether those plans include traveling, making a big purchase, or simply spending some time in luxury.

So look back over the past year and see what happens when you add up all your spending habits, bills, insurance, and more. Leave nothing behind! And I mean looking back at last year. After all, we live in Canada. Therefore, the number of items may increase or decrease depending on the season.

This may sound difficult, but applications and online tools make it much easier. There are plenty of free options that allow future retirees to simply fill in the fields and budget based on their current budget. and future needs.

Such future needs are also important. not only to travel, how you want to live the rest of your life Life after retirement? Will you need home care? How much does it all cost? Again, don’t omit items.

don’t miss your income

This means in several ways. Canadians will have access to multiple sources of income after retirement. This could be savings from a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP). If you want to avoid taxes, you must convert by age 71.

However, there are other sources of income as well. This includes a Canadian or Quebec pension plan, guaranteed income supplements, and old age security. Make sure you know not only when you can withdraw these amounts, but when it will be most economically advantageous.

According to the federal government, retirement benefits could increase monthly incomes by a whopping 36% if Canadians waited until they turned 70. So if you can financially defer, it’s incredibly lucrative to do so.

Review your investments…often

If you’re approaching retirement, it’s time to meet with your financial advisor. very Regularly. These funds should last for the rest of your life, preferably long and healthy. With that in mind, you may need to change and shift your investments as you age.

If you are retiring young, perhaps this means continuing to invest in more growth investments. As we get older, we seek more stability, such as bonds for guaranteed savings. Still, you can create room for passive income through this process.

One strong option that works well in an environment like this is investing in infrastructure stocks. A great option these days is Finning International (TSX:FTT). The dividend stock yields 2.43% and focuses on the sale, service and rental of heavy equipment and engines worldwide. The stock is up 69% in the last year alone, and it boasts a solid growth history. In fact, the stock has also risen 90% over the past decade.


Whatever decision you make, make sure that your retirement decision is based on your desires, not your need to continue working. With a plan, you’ll never have to go back to work again.

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