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Rich housewife ripped after listing ‘worst things’ about being married to a millionaire

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strange but true

May 24, 2023 | 10:18am

They told her to check on her wife’s privileges.

A Dubai housewife has been criticized online for exposing the ‘worst thing’ about marrying a billionaire. These seem to include difficulties such as always having to be seen as 10 out of 10, eating too much food, and always riding first class. ”

movie A fest of complaints that seems to have her right now Accumulating millions of views People are accusing her of ‘problems’ that others could only dream of.

Jordanian-born Linda Andrade, 23, is reportedly married to a wealthy man named Ricky Andrade, a Dubai-based forex and cryptocurrency trader, when she was just 19. reportedly did. Baltimore Postal Examiner reported.

A self-proclaimed “original Dubai housewife,” she frequently shares videos detailing how her other half lives to her nearly 530,000 followers on TikTok.

According to Andrade, one of the downsides of a luxurious lifestyle is the inability to drive.
Linda Andrade/Instagram

Andrade exposed the darker side of being engaged to a Middle Eastern tycoon in a recent reveal article titled “The Worst Thing About Being With a Billionaire.”

Reportedly, some of the downsides to this extravagant lifestyle are the inability to drive, only first class travel, and an inability to stay within budget. In the video, she is shown engaging in a quest for “rich” with a man she was cast for.

“[He] I only buy 24k gold (and every time I get into a fight),” the gorgeous influencer lamented in the caption, accompanied by a clip of her rocking an elaborate gold necklace.

Even if that’s not “hard” enough, her posh husband is also reportedly buying her too many things (must be luxury brands) and giving her “too much to eat.” increase.

Andrade complained that he could not cook at all.
Linda Andrade/TikTok

Accompanying footage included clips of sumptuous seafood towers, sushi, and other delicacies worthy of a Four Seasons buffet.

Needless to say, this extravagant lifestyle scored a perfect 180 for Andrade. Andrade is said to have grown up in a one-bedroom apartment in the US with six other family members.

Of course, not all influencer complaints seemed like a pipe dream. Andrade said she was always “scared of being robbed or having another woman steal her soulmate.”

In another caption, she complained that she was “tired” from the trip, and the clip showed her husband playing around on a jet ski.

Andrade complained of having to look good all the time.
Linda Andrade/Instagram

Needless to say, Mr. Andrade’s digital sympathy party did not elicit much sympathy from the online Hui Poroy. “I want these issues,” said one commenter, while another scoffed, “what a hard life.”

“You’re poor but you laugh,” joked the third.

Others noted how the influencer problem pales in comparison to theirs.

“I wish I could complain about these things. I’m not stressed about being robbed, I’m stressed paying my bills,” one commenter quipped.

“Wow, I wish I didn’t have that problem, but at least I shouldn’t have to try so hard because we’re all billionaires,” wrote another.

Recent Reported by Henry & Partners Dubai ranks 23rd in the world as the most popular city for the ultra-rich, with the emirate seeing an 18% increase in the number of HNWIs in the first six months of 2022.

Ricky and Linda Andrade.
Linda Andrade/Instagram

Some envy TikTokers offered to swap positions with Andrade by writing, “If you don’t want this life anymore, here I am, honey.”

“If he buys too much, give it to me,” suggested another man.

Thankfully, Andrade seemed to take the complaints as advice and later posted a video explaining “the best things about being with a billionaire.”

Some of these include not worrying about money, having the restaurant treat her like royalty, taking her to the best restaurant every night so she doesn’t have to cook, It involves seeing the most amazing places.

She also cites “being able to fly first class” as a drawback, which she ironically cites in previous videos as a perk.

“[I have] Best experience with a millionaire…I love him,” she wrote in the grateful caption.

Andrade said she was always “scared of being robbed or having another woman steal her soulmate.”
Linda Andrade/TikTok

Despite having a wealthy spouse, Andrade is more than just an arm. He has been an entrepreneur since the age of 16 and his wife has started several businesses and now runs a spa specializing in fat cooling.

She was also a successful event planner, organizing soiree parties for everyone from Common to Steve Wozniak.

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