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The Best Biotin Supplements for 2023, According to Nutritionists

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My freshman dormitory was from a wealthy suburb of Northern California, a Paris Hilton lookalike, and very familiar with the fish oil boom of the early 2000s. She took one amber egg-shaped tablet each day to strengthen her French manicure and color-treated hair. As far as I can remember, this was my first introduction to the concept of beauty supplements. Fish oil has since fallen out of favor, paving the way for biotin to take over its place as today’s notable beauty buzzword, but I was just as skeptical about his former back in 2008. , also skeptical about the latter. As my colored hair began to thin in my 30s, I found myself walking through the grocery aisles looking for the best biotin supplement against my judgment.

So I decided to find out if biotin really works for strengthening hair and nails. And what about proven brands that really live up to the hype?

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To guide me, I turned to two of my favorite experts, a celebrity chef and a nutritionist, for advice. Selina PoonCamille Styles Resident Nutrition Consultant and Dual Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Edie Horstman. Keep reading for answers.

Does Biotin Really Improve Hair and Nails?

Biotin is a B vitamin that most people can get from a balanced diet, especially foods such as fish, eggs, sweet potatoes, and almonds. If you don’t have enough biotin, can lead to Brittle nails and hair loss.

“a some little research We’ve shown how biotin supplementation can help strengthen already brittle nails,” Poon said. “Unfortunately, there is no evidence that biotin supplementation helps grow or strengthen already healthy hair and nails.”

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Is it okay to take biotin every day?

While this question received an overwhelming “yes” from our experts, both experts agree that a balanced diet should contain sufficient amounts of biotin for adults. I pointed out that there is.

“Biotin is safe to take, even at high doses,” Horstmann says. “Having said that, overdosing can cause side effects such as stomachaches and sleep disturbances, but these are very rare.”

How much biotin do you really need each day?

The recommended daily intake of biotin for all adults is 30 micrograms.

“To find out how much food you need to eat to reach your daily goal, one egg contains 10 micrograms of biotin, and a quarter cup of sunflower seeds contains 2.6 micrograms. It contains micrograms of biotin, and half a sweet potato contains 2.4 micrograms of biotin, micrograms of biotin,” Poon explains. “It’s unlikely that you need to take a biotin supplement, but always check with your healthcare provider if you’re unsure.”

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Best Biotin Supplements Available in 2023

The supplements below are selected from Horstman’s current favorites, plus past nutritionist recommendations.

All of our products are carefully curated by our editors to always give you an honest opinion, whether it’s a gift or a purchase for yourself. When you purchase something through our links, we may earn a small commission for free.

Werber Women’s Hair, Skin and Nail Supplement

“These science-backed vitamins support the health of your hair, skin and nails from the inside out. Based on evidence, Werber only uses vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO ingredients.” These ingredients, such as HCL Betaine and Saw Palmetto, have been used in human clinical trials and have been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.” — Edie Horstman

Pure Synergy Women’s Vitamins, Mines & Herbs

This multivitamin covers many areas including energy, brain health, digestion, immunity, heart health, and more, but features a range of nutrients to support natural biotin production.

Symbiotica Liposome B Vit Complex

Horstmann loves this mood-boosting B vitamin complex that not only promotes cellular health but also increases energy.

Ora Organic Hair, Skin & Nail Support

According to Horstmann, this is one of the most unique plant-based hair products available. Organic B vitamins, organic algae and 1 billion probiotics pack a powerful punch.

Nutrafol Women’s Balanced Hair Growth Supplement

There’s a common sentiment when it comes to Nutrafall: “This actually works.” One of the ways doctor-prescribed products work their magic is by addressing the underlying causes of thinning hair, such as stress and hormonal imbalances.

Act+Acre plant-based hair capsules

“This cutting-edge supplement focuses on clean, unique ingredients like horsetail extract, a rich source of silica that adds volume and shine. The growth cycle is accelerated and the combination of botanical extracts and vitamins promotes hair growth, elasticity and visible thickness.” — Edie Horstman

FoliGROWTH hair growth supplement

Enriched with biotin, vitamins D and E, this supplement contains enough good alternatives to common multivitamins to support thicker, stronger hair.

HUM Nutrition Hair Sweet Hair

Good vitamin gummies are always welcome, but HUM’s biotin-rich gels are also the real deal (thousands of 5-star reviews back it up).

shedavi hair growth vitamin

All-natural and nutrient-rich, Shedavi brings together botanicals from around the world to create vitamins that support longer, healthier, fuller hair. Best of all, it has no chalky aftertaste.

moon juice super hair

Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K address many of the nutritional deficiencies that prevent healthy hair, including organic adaptogens (ashwagandha and ginseng), follicle protectants (saw palmetto and pumpkin seeds), Micronutrients (from horsetail and kelp) support hair from the inside out.

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