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Stop Waiting for Perfection and Fall in Love with Your Life Now

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I know, so cliché, right? I can actually hear your eyes rolling.

A society driven by ideals of results, achievements, and perfection has major pitfalls that I am increasingly aware of. It is possible that we are so focused on trying to achieve the “best life” that life itself passes us by. we would have missed it. Missed the beauty of just being here.

You’ve probably heard the saying, ‘Slow down and smell the roses’ and ‘Life is a journey, not a destination’. We hear these sayings and pass them as embroidery on tasteful pillows, but what if we didn’t? What if life was really about the details?

I mean, how many of us can actually achieve the “perfect life” that we’re sold to? Are you trapped?

What if we stop for a moment? I took a break from social media. Blocks out all outside noise. it just got quieter. What does your inner voice, your subconscious mind tell you?

what makes you really happy? What feeds your soul? make you tick? Even if I read it again, it feels like “New Age”, but isn’t it the end when you say what makes you happy? And why should life have to be spectacular to be fulfilled? Isn’t what we have enough?

I recently lost my father after a very short and intense battle with cancer. I didn’t see it coming. I thought he would last forever.

I was estranged from my father for several years before he became ill. We drifted apart for many reasons, mostly because he wasn’t there for me. and getting him to notice me and give me the love and approval I felt I needed from him.

He was not meant to be a father. He wasn’t trustworthy, safe, protective, or even there.

But in the end, when I was faced with losing him, when I saw him in a hospital bed and he told me he was “not long in this world”, all of that melted away and I was I desperately wanted more time.

I wish I could have let go of my expectations, resentment, and pride to accept him and save my relationship with him. I love my dad and wish I could have spent more time with him. Now that time has passed.

His loss taught me something. life is precious. There is no eternity. we have now this moment. We can choose to love our lives now.

Don’t wait until you’re leaner, prettier, healthier, make more money, become famous, and become a millionaire. There is never one.)

If your life is particularly difficult right now and your needs are not being met, try to change what is not working. But don’t get so focused on what you want that you forget what you already have.

Stop wasting precious time with the people we love who make our lives beautiful.

Be grateful for all the little things that make you happy.

For me, coffee shops and lazy mornings, walks by the river or in nature, eating lunch with friends, dancing all night, cuddling on the couch, spending time with the kids, precious moments with my partner in the morning. . before the day starts.

These things are what make life. We strive to “live our best lives” but run the real risk of completely losing the life we ​​already have.

My only wish is that we all wake up and start appreciating the life we ​​have now. Rejecting the idea that you have to be in a relationship.

Awakening to the fact that we are being sold this lie purely to buy more things, work more hours and keep striving for the mythical pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. please.

love your life now Fall in love with all the little things. Happiness does not come from physical possessions. It comes from being grateful for all the things money can’t buy. You may already be living your “best life” without even trying.

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