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Entrepreneur Candace Nelson Shares Her Secrets to Success

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How do you spend the first five minutes of your day? Among us morning Call In the series, we look at the morning routines of people we admire and inspire our own morning rituals. view all

You know the fantasy: quit a demanding (i.e. life-threatening) job, pursue your passion, and cosplay as the protagonist of a romantic comedy every day. increase it’s complicated, wowed viewers and Steve Martin with her French-trained cooking prowess and lighter-than-air croissants. And while that may sound like a pipe dream to some, for Candace Nelson it was her reality.

Following the dot-com bankruptcy in the early 2000s, Candace quit her job as an investment banker to pursue pastry making and started a custom cake business in San Francisco. And while her simplistic overview of Pivot may have seemed like a step back, Candace is just getting started.

Twenty years later, she is now a well-known and highly successful entrepreneur.Candace opened with her husband furikake cupcakeAs the first ever cupcake bakery, the world clung to Carrie Bradshaw’s signature treat. With books, hoods, her TV stardom, and other adventures under her belt (and always, it seems, in the works), Candace isn’t slowing down anywhere.

Candice Nelson on the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and the routine that helped her build a successful and sustainable career

So how does one person maintain such momentum and maintain such Are you creative and having a lot of success? As is evident from our interview, Candace has a laser-focused routine that supports her and keeps her moving along this upward trajectory. From non-negotiable workouts to starting your day with a nourishing meal, Candace knows the habits that keep you inspired and feeling your best.

We loved learning from Candace what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. Read on for Candace Nelson’s morning routine and proactive approach to getting things done.

Please tell us about your career and entrepreneurship. What was life like as an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship has many ups and downs, but nothing is more rewarding than dreaming up a vision of a world that doesn’t exist yet and making it a reality. was scary I didn’t grow up in an entrepreneurial environment, so I never imagined I would start a business. I was lucky enough to have a husband and partner who believed in me and supported me from the beginning.

I always try to spend my day more strategically and proactively rather than reactively.

What have you learned the most in the past year?

I was overwhelmed by the number of DMs from female entrepreneurs reading sweet successIt’s been incredibly rewarding to see this book resonate with my intended audience. There are also things to do.

In a nutshell, how would you describe your personal style?

Understated, effortless and chic. I live in denim and love it when it’s comfortable and cute. Details are also very important to me. I enjoy the quality and simplicity, but there’s a little edge or surprise, whether it’s the unexpected detail or the pop of color.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I just released a new book sweet success In November, my promotional schedule will continue to include many panels, keynotes, book parties and signings, TV and print interviews, podcasts, and mentorship activities with young women from the Step Up Network. . But in her more typical day, Pizana meetings related to new locations and business initiatives, marketing, PR, social media, content creation and fundraising for my personal brand, meetings with founders. He also moonlights as a part-time driver and cheerleader for his sons and their sports events.

What time is your wake-up call?

I don’t wake up at dawn because I need a long sleep of 8 hours. My husband makes breakfast for the boy in the morning (he dreams).

What do you do first when you wake up?

Grab my Cadiz spectacles and check out the Oura Ring scores.

What is your morning routine like? What are the rituals that lead you to success?

I love the idea of ​​a long morning routine, but the reality is that I don’t have much time in the morning because I’m not an early riser. I will tell you how I feel. When I wake up, I hydrate with water (which contains electrolytes) before brewing coffee, glancing at the calendar for the day, and taking my son to school.

Describe your morning beauty routine from start to finish.

Candace’s beauty routine is easy and elegant. With a few essential products, she can craft an effortless look that blends seamlessly into a busy morning.

what do you have for breakfast

I usually fast intermittently for breakfast, so it’s just coffee with collagen and a little almond or cashew milk. It’s Greek yogurt sprinkled on top. Fonut, a gluten-free donut baked by a local LA bakery. It doesn’t sound all that decadent, but believe me it is. I rely on Chroma porridge when traveling.

What do you always have in your refrigerator?

Organic blueberries at the farmers market. Elmhurst cashew milk, Japanese sweet potatoes, gluten-free fresh pasta and pesto, and lots of alcohol-free beverages. (Dive deep to find a favorite in dry January!)

what is your morning routine?

I skim through the many sources of news and inspiration in my inbox, especially morning brews, information, and news sets.

what is your favorite book

What do you always have on your nightstand?

Cádiz glasses, silk scrunchies, various conditioning lip glosses, photo books of past girls’ trips, non-fiction TBR stacks, the latest cherry bomb magazine.

Do you exercise in the morning?

sometimes. Living on the West Coast, my mornings can be busy with Zoom meetings and just responding to emails from people in other parts of the country. With the rest of the country getting a head start, we often feel lagging behind when we wake up. my awesome trainer Kadee Sweeney guides you through a Pilates and strength training session. Or sunbathe and power walk on the treadmill or in the neighborhood. Usually workouts are one hour for her, but on more leisurely weekends she does 90 minutes, including stretching and rolling.

What is your daily uniform?

I am obsessed with Nili Lotan jeans. I have a wardrobe of them at this point, but my favorite is the high-waisted Anna style, I love sweaters and this season I love sweater his vest. My favorite labels are Lisa Yang, La Ligne and G Label. I am also obsessed with Marfa Stance vests and coats and love to change collars in different colors and materials.

If you had an extra hour each morning, how would you spend it?

Journaling, especially about my intentions and priorities for the day. Entrepreneurs tend to spend most of their time putting out the fires that arise every day, rather than working towards larger long-term goals. I always try to spend my day more strategically and proactively rather than reactively.

List one or two things you do every day that will make your life more present and enjoyable.

Have a family dinner and share your failures and lessons learned from the day.

If you could sum up your success in one thing, what would it be?

Honesty—in words and deeds. Do what you say you will do and do what is right.

Sentence finisher:

When I leave my house, I don’t go out without: my Hosenbuh sunglasses.

If there were more hours in the day, it would look like this: Read more fiction and journals!

The healthiest morning routine: A large bottle of water mixed with lemon drip drop electrolytes.

Worst Morning Habits: Grabs my phone almost immediately.

One thing I want you to know is that: Building a beloved brand.

One of my biggest fears is: Self-satisfied.

When I got that dread, I: Learn something new or take on a creative challenge.

The books I always recommend are: essentialism.

One characteristic necessary for success in life is: self-awareness.

bath or shower? Showers—it’s faster!

What is your favorite shower/bath product? When I’m not doing media, I try to let my hair air dry and grow naturally curly. pattern For girls with curly hair.

Looking for more morning routine inspiration? Dive into and discover the ritual that protects Camille from the ground up.

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