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Super Smash Bros. player banned from tournaments after slapping opponent

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Fighting games may be all about exchanging blows on the screen, but that should be left to the setman.

A Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player who used the IS|Oro handle name was indefinitely banned from competing in the scene after he appeared to slap an opponent in an Italian tournament Banned.

When he lost a set 3-0 and was eliminated from Dehscension XII, Oro appeared to stand up and slap his opponent BestMario in the face (almost dropped his glasses). his head.

All of this was captured on the tournament’s Twitch stream, and people around the player were quick to call out the bad behavior and gross rule violations that had just occurred.

Super Smash Bros. Italy organizers released a statement after the event saying Oro has been banned from the tournament indefinitely and if he hasn’t already done so, others in the region will likely follow suit. .

It’s natural to get frustrated after a tough defeat, but we can’t afford to mess with others.

It saddens me to still have to say this, as this is common knowledge for the majority of the fighting game community.

Oro has previously won Dehscension XI and has a competitive history in Smash dating back to at least 2016.

He was also listed as a manager for Smash Bros Italia’s Start.gg events, including this weekend, but not in the future.

The now-banned competitor hasn’t released a statement regarding the physical altercation, and Best Mario doesn’t appear to be active on social media.

You can read and translate the full text of Smash Bros Italia. Yandex translation under.

In light of the unpleasant events that occurred during today’s tournament, Smash Bros Italia staff strongly condemns player Oro’s actions and distances himself from his actions.

The staff has unanimously banned the player from all events hosted by Smash Bros Italia indefinitely.

Our priority is to care for and maintain a healthy and safe environment for all players. To this end, we are committed to preventing perpetrators of aggressive behavior and express our absolute support to all who are victims of the same.

Smash Bros. Italy Staff

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