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Tailgating banned but bracelets OK’d

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With expectations mounting for Taylor Swift’s packed-out Hellas Tour to take place at Levi’s Stadium next week, Santa Clara police and 49ers home officials issued a stern warning to the tens of thousands of Swifties trying to arrive at the venue, saying no tailgating will be allowed during the event and no individuals without valid tickets will be allowed to congregate in the parking lot or surrounding streets.

The pop star’s Ellas Tour always draws huge crowds, with fans flocking to the venue hours before doors open, even those without tickets. Congestion is causing major traffic problems.

“Taylor Swift concerts are not tailgating and there will be no designated viewing areas outside of Levi’s Stadium,” the source said in a statement. “Fans without event tickets will not be allowed to congregate in parking lots or on the streets.”

Stadium officials initially banned fans from making or trading friendship bracelets at concerts, but appear to have reversed their policy on Friday afternoon. Stadium officials initially tweeted that “bracelets are not allowed in the stadium,” but on Friday they tweeted, “Taylor Swift allowed to wear friendship bracelets.” Eras Tour concert at Levi’s Stadium. I am very happy to see you all one week from today. “

This practice, perhaps inspired by the lyrics of the song “You’re on Your Own Kid” from her latest album, Midnights, has become an integral part of the concert experience.

Regarding the ban on tailgating, the Santa Clara Police Department said it would take an “educated approach” to enforcing the policy.

Earlier this week, the Santa Clara City Council made a move to honor the singer by appointing Swift as mayor emeritus during her time in the Bay Area. The city of Santa Clara will also temporarily change the name of the city that hosts Levi’s Stadium to “Swifty Clara.”

Mayor Lisa Gilmore’s proclamation is intended to “celebrate the positive impact Taylor Swift’s music, tour and extraordinary fan base has made not only on the local community, but on the community of Santa Clara.”

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