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Ten Ways Clutter Affects Our Health

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A mother of three, Mindy is a passionate and creative mother. There’s always a paintbrush soaking into the family’s kitchen sink, a social media-inspired sculpture on the counter, a board game scattered across the dining room table, or artwork of kids vying for space on the refrigerator door. Maybe… Backpacks, sports jerseys, books and toys were scattered on the floor.

When Mindy visited a friend’s house, she saw a different way of life, with clean countertops, an organized desk, and a coffee table with space to rest her coffee. But she dismissed these tidy housewives as a different personality, and Mindy made few changes in her home.

Mindy admitted that when she was coercion In order to straighten out her house, she hurriedly cleaned in front of the company and asked her children to do the same. As usual, Mindy didn’t have the confidence to believe a normal messy life was possible for her and her family.

So they continued to limp, kicking loose soccer balls, tripping over cleats, and navigating endless piles of junk mail.

What’s the problem with a little confusion here and there? she routinely said to herself. Aside from a minor soreness after stepping on a plastic game piece hidden in her carpet, Mindy’s family has managed to avoid major injuries. So what’s the harm in being a little cluttered?

If your home is as cluttered as Mindy’s, you might be asking yourself the same question. what is the harm?

Maybe more than you think.

what our clutter is doing to us

When examining the surveys and studies conducted in this area, we notice a disturbing trend. Clutter in your home can be doing more to your family’s health and well-being than we realize.

Consider the following example.

10 ways clutter affects our health

1. Increased stress

Researcher at UCLA We found an association between high levels of stress hormones and a high density of household items. In other words, clutter definitely increases stress levels.

psychology today strengthened their researchlists eight specific reasons why cluttered rooms contribute to high levels of stress on our bodies.

Here are some of the reasons why: Clutter attacks our minds with overstimulation. Disruption sends a signal to our brain that our work is not done. Confusion breeds guilt. Confusion causes anxiety. I get frustrated when it’s cluttered because I can’t find what I need quickly.

2. Physical symptoms of stress

Clutter is a factor that contributes to the level of stress in our lives.The average American home currently has 300,000 itemsno wonder why of new york times recently called the modern American generation the most stressed generation of all time.

All of this stress begins to take its toll, almost every system in our bodyStress can cause your body to breathe faster, exacerbating conditions such as asthma and emphysema. It raises blood pressure by constricting blood vessels. Stress increases the chances of heartburn and acid reflux. It can also strain your muscles and cause headaches and body aches.

3. Poor concentration

It is closely related to the stress mentioned above, Princeton scientist I found that a cluttered environment limits my ability to concentrate. According to their research, visually cluttered environments have neurological effects similar to those experienced when being crushed and overwhelmed by many different noises at once.

4. Overeating

Did you know that a messy kitchen can lead to overeating?Brian Wansink Cornell University and his colleagues conducted a study in 2016 to better understand how a messy and chaotic environment, such as a messy kitchen, affects snacking behavior. As a result, the woman in the messy kitchen was more likely to burn twice as many calories from cookies than the woman in the tidy kitchen.

Brian summarized their findings as follows:

5. Unhealthy habits and choices

In a similar study published in psychologyresearchers at the University of Minnesota confirmed the prediction that an orderly environment leads to more desirable and normatively good behaviors, such as being generous to the poor.

We believe that we are not affected by the physical environment around us. But in reality, clutter affects our habits and behaviors more than we realize (or admit).

6. Declining air quality and environment

According to WebMD, clutter increases the risk of: asthma and allergiesAccording to a medically-reviewed article, “You may think your home is messy, but it’s not. But cleaning around piles of stuff can be tough. Tidying up can keep pests out and reduce dust, mold, and mildew that can cause asthma and allergies.

7. Learning disabilities

According to a survey conducted by Carnegie Mellon UniversityChildren in tidy classrooms perform 13% better on tests than those in untidy classrooms. What is true in the classroom is also true at home. Applies to both adults and children.

8. Restful sleep

A cluttered environment makes it difficult to fall asleep and fall asleep, and reduces the quality of sleep.When our bedrooms are cluttered, according to a study funded by National Institute of Mental Health Others find it difficult to fall asleep and experience more sleep disturbances throughout the night.

9. Low self-esteem

Clutter often triggers feelings of negative self-talk and self-criticism.

According to a survey conducted by University of New Mexicowhich adversely affects our psychological and subjective well-being.

10. It’s bad for your health in every way

In this post, how minimalism can help you find health, Learn all seven aspects of human health and how clutter (or vice versa) affects each. If you want to continue this conversation and delve even deeper into minimalism and wellness, you can find it here.

start living well

Clutter is more than a nuisance. It affects the health and well-being of our families in ways we may not be aware of.

A tidy home doesn’t just impress your neighbors when they come over. It’s about preparing an environment where everyone in our family has the best chance of success.

And that positive change is always possible.

If you’re ready to take the necessary steps to live less cluttered at home, you’ll find helpful ideas in this article. A simple guide to a clean home.

It is possible for your family to live well. Once you start, you’ll start reaping the physical, emotional, and psychological benefits of a clutter-free life.

you can do this! We are all rooting for you. you have a lot to gain.

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