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The 30 Most Popular Episodes of The Tim Ferriss Show from 2022

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Happy new year!

The Tim Ferris Show Over 900 million downloads this year. 1 billion downloadsDoing a podcast has been one of my emotional life rafts and saving grace in the madness of 2022. Thank you very much for listening.

If you want to dig in, here are the most popular episodes of the year.

We used an imperfect method of downloads a week after release, but that’s enough to really get people excited and surface an episode that went viral quickly.

2023 is going to be huge.If you haven’t subscribed to the podcast yet, you can subscribe at Apple podcasts, Spotifyor wherever you find a small piece of audio.

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Below is a descending list of downloads (i.e. #1 had the most downloads a week after being published).

#1: Morgan Howell — Money Psychology, Choosing the Right Game, and the Six Million Dollar Janitor (Episode #576)

#2: Mark Zuckerberg Long-term strategy, business and parenting principles, personal energy management, building the metaverse, reverence, the role of religion, solving deep technical challenges (e.g. AR), and more (Episode #582)

#3: new insights from Sam Harris, Dr. Peter Attia, Ramit Sethi, When Elizabeth Gilbert (Episode #599)

#Four: rich roll — Rebuilding Life at 30, 40, and Beyond (Episode 561)

#Five: Cal Newport — The Eternal Pursuit of Craftsmanship, Deep Living, Slow Productivity, and 30 Days of Digital Minimalism (Episode #568)

#6: Jason Portnoy PayPal, Palantir and More — Porn Addiction, Secret Corrosion, Healing Wounds, Breaking Out of the Shame Cycle, Life-Changing Book (Episode #600)

#7: Q&A with Tim Wealth and Money, Book Recommendations, Advice on Taking Advice, CS Lewis, Relationships, Behavior Change and Self-Awareness, Why We (Mostly) All Work Well, and More (Episode #614)

#8: Dr. Roland Griffiths — Life’s Ultimate Glide Path, Unexpected Stage IV Diagnosis, Facing Death, How Meditation and Psychedelics Can Help, How to Live with Gratitude (Episode #641)

#9: Dr. Michio Kaku — Exploring Time Travel, The Beauty of Physics, Parallel Universes, The Mind of God, String Theory, Lessons from Einstein, and More (Episode #562)

#Ten: Chris PalmerMD, of Harvard Medical School — Optimizing Brain Energy for Mental Health, The Incredible Potential of Metabolic Psychiatry, Special Case Studies, Mitochondrial Harnesses for Anxiety, Depression, OCD, PTSD, and More (Episodic #633)

#11: Balaji S. Srinivasan — 5-10 year predictions, How to start a new country, Society-as-a-Service (SaaS), Bitcoin Maximalism, Memetic Warfare, How prices are born, Moral reversal, The only commandment, Missionary power Mercenaries (Episode #606)

#12: Michael SchurCreator of “The Good Place” — How SNL Trains Writers, “The Office” at His TV College, Lessons from Lorne Michaels, Wisdom from David Foster Wallace, “How to Be Perfect” Exploring Moral Philosophy (Episode #565)

#13: Susan Kane Transforming Pain, Building Emotional Resilience, Exploring Sufi Wisdom, Using Bittersweet Songs, Exploring Shards of Light (Episode #583)

#14: Dr. John Crystal — All About Ketamine, Our Most Comprehensive Podcast Episode Ever (Episode #625)

#15: Dr. Gabor Mate — Normal Mythology, Anger Metabolism, Trauma Processing, Finding Your Inner Quiet Voice (Episode #620)

#16: John List — Master Economist on Strategic Quit Smoking, How to Practice Theory of Mind, Learning from Uber, Optimizing to Increase Giving, Decision Drivers, and How Field Experiments Reveal Hidden Realities (Episode # 566)

#17: Richard Wiseman Lessons from Dale Carnegie, How to Keep a Lucky Diary, Mentalism, Paranormal Psychology, Group Participation Experiments, NLP, Remote Viewing, Doing the Impossible (Episode #593)

#18: Morgan Fallon — A 10-Year Journey with Anthony Bourdain, 9 Emmy Nominations, Lessons from Michael Mann, Adventures with Steven Rinella, High Standards, Wisdom of West Virginia and More (Episode #597)

#19: Boyd Bertie — The Lion Tracker’s Life Guide (Episode #571)

#20: Insights from Dr. Andrew Huberman, Greg McKeown, Jocko Willink, Brené Brown, When navy lavicant (Episode #616)

#twenty one: jack cornfield — How to Overcome Indifference and Find Beautiful Purpose (Episode #601)

#twenty two: Cal Newport Tim Ferris Revisiting the “4 Hour Workweek” (Plus: The Glamor and Vacancy of Remote Work, Unsustainable Behavior, Burnout, Cult of Productivity, and More) (Episode #594)

#twenty three: Bo Xiao — Journey from Food Raffle to Managing Billions of Dollars, The Blessings and Burdens of Pursuing Perfection, Building China’s eBay in 1999, Parenting Pillars, Pursuing the Unpopular (Episode #584)

#twenty four: Professor Donald Hoffman — Cases Against Reality, Beyond Time and Space, Rethinking Death, Panpsychism, QBism, etc. (Episode #585)

#twenty five: Tim Ferris and Matt Mullenweg Antarctica: Personal Fears, To Do Lists, Confronting Sadness, Creating a Life Mission, Tim’s Penguin Best Impressions (Episode #578)

#26: UFC Hall of Famer Bass Rutten On the basics of real self-defense, the story of a brutal fight, how he dealt with a bully, breathing techniques to increase endurance and endurance, the art of self-reformation, and cultivating prayer practices (Episode #621 )

#27: Jane McGonigal — How She Predicted COVID 2010, Becoming an Expert on Your Own Future, War of Confidence, Winter of the Decade, How to Cultivate Optimism (Episode #579)

#28: Q&A with Tim — Revisiting 15+ Years of PR and Marketing Lessons, Time Delay for Deep Relaxation, Hyper-Pricing Techniques, Low-Information Diets, Animal Communication Research, My 3-Day Fasting Protocol, Dealing with Adversity tools for people, pitching to the wealthy, my current coffee and alcohol rules, risk mitigation, etc. (Episode #628)

#29: Random Show with Kevin Rose — Current Books, Men’s Groups, Tuna Helpers, NFT Updates, Intense Intimacy, and More (Episode #586)

#30: A Rare Podcast At -30 Degrees — Sue Flood About Antarctica, Make Your Own Luck, Follow David Attenborough, Reinvent Yourself (Episode #567)

PS In case you missed it, you can get all episode transcripts for free at this link. You can also find our handpicked podcast sponsors at this link.

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The Tim Ferris Show is one One of the world’s most popular podcasts with over 900 million downloads. He has been voted “Best of Apple Podcasts” three times and is often the number one interviewer on all his Apple Podcasts. is ranked number one.To listen to past episodes for free, check out this page.

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