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The 5 Best Microneedling Pens in 2023 For Glowing Skin At-Home

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The magic of microneedling can be lost in all its thorns. Benefits like brighter skin are worth it. And with the abundance of derma rollers on the market today, it’s possible to mimic the magic in the office on a small scale at home. That being said, not all home devices are created equal, so we researched the best microneedle pens available to help you reap fantastic benefits. .

But before we dig in, it’s important to understand why and if microneedling works at home.

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The big difference other than the setting is the depth of the needle. Professional treatments use needles 0.5 to 2.5 mm long (for reference, a typical home roller needle from BeautyBio is 0.3 mm) for stimulating treatments and PRP (derived from your own blood). platelet-rich plasma) or radiofrequency to accelerate healing and show off your radiance potential.

And while nothing can replace the magic of in-office microneedle treatments, which are commonly recommended for addressing texture issues such as fine lines, wrinkles, and scars, similar, if not dramatic You can achieve the skin brightening, pore tightening effect. Through household tools that you use regularly over a long period of time.

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Compared to derma stamps, derma rollers tend to be more popular (literally, they cover more ground than pen-like stamps), but most dermatologists aren’t big fans. “Because the needle is piercing the skin at an angle, it can cause lacerations in the skin,” shared Dali Gandhara, Esthetician at SkinSpirit Medica, contacted me via email.

Or as Casey Boone Glow Skin Care LA In other words, “Roller big no. Stamps are the only way. ”

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Best Microneedle Pens of 2023

When it comes to something as delicate as microneedles, tools and precision matter. For those looking to supplement in-office treatments or target acne scars and fine lines even more, the following microneedle pens are a safe bet.

And while the best derma stamps are safe for most skin types, don’t treat areas with active acne to prevent the spread of bacteria.

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