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The Art of Energizing Yourself

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Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from barefoot minimalist.

Energy is one of the most important aspects of our lives and can come from many different sources. When you feel tired or sluggish, it could be due to lack of sleep, improper nutrition, or coffee that wasn’t strong enough. is easy. But there is another world of energy available only from inspiration and true joy.

Remember the last time you fell in love. Just a text message from them gives me a tremendous amount of energy. That is the type of energy we are talking about here. The art of empowering yourself is learning how to tap into this source of energy and use it to improve your life.

Energy Giver vs Energy Taker

At some point, you may have a friend who leaves feeling like you just ran a marathon after spending time with them. They drain your energy.

This is where the concept of energy giver and energy receiver comes into play. Energizers are the people, activities, and experiences that energize, fulfill, and excite your life. This can be spending time with loved ones or trying out new hobbies.

Energy consumers, on the other hand, are the people, activities, and experiences that leave you exhausted, depleted, and exhausted. The environment can even make you feel uncomfortable or uneasy.

It is impossible to completely eliminate people who drain your life of energy. The key to empowering yourself is identifying your giver and receiver and finding a balance between them.

find your energy giver

We all have things in life that inspire us, be it hobbies, people, or just alone time to recharge.

When you set aside space for those who prioritize and energize you, you are essentially investing in yourself. By honoring what makes you happy, you’re making yourself more resilient to stress and negativity. The more you invest, the more money you need when you need it.

Examples of energizers vary greatly from person to person.

Below is mine.

  • time spent in nature.
  • Have deep conversations.
  • Make meaningful connections.
  • I laugh painfully.
  • Soak in cold water.
  • You are in creative flow.

Make a list of your energy givers. Then, try to carve out time for them in your schedule, even if that means not saying anything else.

overcome the energy taker

An energetic person can manifest itself in many ways, from a negative Nancy at work to an endless pile of laundry that seems to multiply faster than a rabbit.

Unfortunately, we don’t always have the power to change things and people in our lives. Unless her negative Nancy quits, I need to interact with her. Also, if you want to wear clean clothes, you definitely need to hang your laundry. What you can control is the boundaries you set for yourself.

You can set boundaries with negative people to limit your interactions with them. If the negative person in your life co-workers, if possible, ask your boss if they can put you on a different project or schedule. If they start a conversation with you, just walk away.

When it becomes an overwhelming task, you can make it less difficult by breaking them up into smaller, more manageable chunks.

Below is an example of my energy taker.

  • Mindless scrolling on social media.
  • overcommitment (Planning too much in a short period of time).

Next, make a list of your energy consumers and think about what changes you can make to reduce their impact on your life.

The conclusion is

It’s easy to get caught up in the notion that energy comes only from physical factors such as sleep and food, but that’s not the case. By prioritizing what brings you joy and inspiration, you can tap into a whole other world of energy.

Then, when you feel sluggish, instead of reaching for another cup of coffee, think about what’s draining your energy. Have you ever dated a negative person? Do you spend most of your day scrolling through social media? Whatever it is, remove it from your life and focus on replacing it with something that energizes you.

Remember that energizing yourself is not just what you put into your body, but what you feed your mind and soul.


barefoot minimalist A space that celebrates the joy of living a simple and minimalist life.Their goal is to make the minimalist lifestyle approachable, allowing you to live with less while still being happy with what you have. here.

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