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The Not-To-Do List that will Change your Dating Life

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Think about this for a second: If, when it comes to dating, you please do not What’s more important?

Let’s say you want to get in shape and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Achieving this involves more than just exercising regularly (to do list)you should also cut junk food from your diet (Do not do list).

Apply the same principle to dating.

To find your ideal partner, you need to not only clarify the relationship you want, (to do list) Break the toxic patterns that keep you from finding true love (not to do list).

Here are three “do’s and don’ts” rules that will change the way you date and remove what’s holding you back from creating healthy love.

  1. Don’t make your dating life a soap opera for your friends

“You involve 4378 and their neighbors in your private life and wonder how things go wrong.” – Samy Dindane

Remember when you went on your first real date in 11th grade? Did it make national news in your circle of friends?

We all fondly remember the endless hours spent on “Oooo..Tell me everything” followed by a second-by-second analysis of your date.

that’s cute

If you are 16 years old.

But you are no longer 16 years old. So why let your friends use your dating stories as entertainment?

We all want to know everything that is going on in our dating lives. I have a couple friends so I can judge.

They may even get up off their “know better” superiority just because they’re married. This is not necessarily the case.

Your life is not a soap opera, so stop broadcasting it to people who can be used for gossip and entertainment.

This doesn’t mean you can’t share or ask for advice. Be aware when you’re setting yourself up to leak energy and be the butt of a joke.
Keep strong boundaries and only share with people you trust.

  1. Have no “nomentality”

I have coached hundreds of singles and they emphasize that they are ready for a real relationship, but their behavior is not.

These are the people who go on many first dates, but stay focused on the imperfections of the person in front of them.

They’re the ones who say they want a relationship but turn down setups from friends, people who aren’t their “type”, and people who don’t fit the romantic “the one” idea.

But here’s the hard truth: “hello” It doesn’t exist in real life, especially when it comes to relationships.It was a magical thought that has distorted your reality ever since Cinderella To love actually To Bridgerton.

Creating a checklist of superficial qualities (ahem, height, money, occupation, etc.) It’s a place for ego, and if you decide to stick to this dating list diligently, you’re judging potential mates before taking the time to get to know them.

While we should not compromise our standards of being treated with respect, mutual love and kindness, “Present Bias”. This refers to the tendency to optimize for qualities that matter in the short term, but not really in the long term.

The first step in moving away from “nomentality” is to say “yes” to dating people who are different from your typical type. This prevents you from prematurely judging and discarding someone who might actually be a good fit.

And it opens up the possibility of connecting with someone based on their personality and the way they treat you.

3. Don’t expect love to fall into your lap

This one is for the inveterate romantics in all of us. Yes, you want epic encounters to be cute, but waiting for love to strike naturally is not an empowering approach to love. Wait for the approach (if you can call it an approach).

It sounds simple, but the more people you reach out to, the more opportunities you have to access potential partners. We also need to diversify the way we meet people.

Against dating apps? Did you know that 20% of his current committed relationships started online?

Only use dating apps? Time to diversify. According to Bustle, about 39% of people meet their significant other through a friend.

Ask friends to connect with new people, say yes to invitations, sign up for dance classes and workshops and learn new hobbies, go to cafes alone, and strike up conversations with strangers. Tari…. You may not have exhausted your various means of meeting people.

Want to know how to build healthy relationships?

join me dating master It is a program that teaches how to develop healthy love.

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