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The One Thought That Drives Minimalism

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In a nutshell, minimalism is getting rid of anything that no longer contributes to the life you want to live.

I recently had an informative online conversation with someone I’ve never met.

I’ve posted about minimalism on social media (which I tend to do) and she responded with a relatively generic response.

Of course, nothing can quickly and easily address that fear. Especially if you have never met. She doesn’t even know where she lives, how much stuff she has, what her ideal life looks like, or even if she tends to throw away things she’ll need later.

So I answered the question with a typical one sentence.

Her reply was: Why should you be afraid to store more than you need? ”

And in her reply, I was immediately reminded of the one belief that motivates all minimalist pursuits.

there is teeth The dangers of owning more physical possessions than necessary.

The details of that motive may seem different to different people.

For example, you might think:

  • Having too much can prevent you from spending quality time with your family.
  • If you own too much, you will not be able to achieve financial freedom.
  • Possessing too much means not being able to share with others.
  • Possessing too much is dangerous for the environment.
  • Having too much means my priorities are in the wrong place.
  • Possessing too much slows down my faith journey.
  • Too much possession robs you of the opportunity to pursue your greater passions.

The specific motives may change, but the overarching understanding remains the same.

Possessions not only don’t make me happy, they distract me from what I do! And it’s not just happiness that excess possessions distract from, but joy, meaning, purpose, fulfillment, and importance.

That is the epiphany moment that motivates minimalism.

there is teeth Dangers of having more than you need:

Danger of losing your life in pursuit of trivial things.

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