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The Three Types of Relationship Bombs – Starting with Love Bombing

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you may have heard i love bombingbut have you heard of other types of relationship bombs? Here are three types of relationship bombs that can pull you back into toxic dynamics.

💣 love bomb – Using excessive affection, exaggerated gestures, and promises for the future as manipulation tactics. Afterwards, you wonder what you did wrong, or you become obsessed with reclaiming old feelings.

💣 Anger Bomb – This is when someone provokes you into a fight with them. For a bomber, paying attention, even outrage, is better than not paying attention at all. Also, for those addicted to chaos, getting into a fight or having a dramatic text exchange can cause a surge of endorphins.

💣 seduction bomb – There are two types of this. One is when the bombers act helpless and pull on your empathy and guilt so that you help them.

Don’t we all love bombs to some degree?

You may be wondering: Are these part of courtship and not a normal relationship?

The difference between a wholesome romantic overture and love bombing is that the latter is used as a manipulation tactic.The intention is to exert and maintain Control you and control you.

If you’re in the early stages of this, tell your partner that you don’t want to rush the relationship and that the constant showers of affection/gestures are making you uncomfortable. Reveal These Relationship Bombs If you’re stuck in a back-and-forth dynamic with someone who uses to control you, it’s important to stop engaging in push-pull.

Intense cycles keep you addicted to addictive cycles

How can I stop the cycle of addiction in an ex or toxic person?

Getting out of a toxic dynamic can be very difficult, and you may want to seek professional help to support you in the process.

Create, maintain and strengthen boundaries

If you’re starting a relationship and find that they’re getting very strong with romantic overtures, don’t just react to the pace they’re setting. If the person is committed to building a healthy connection, they won’t rush you or pressure you. Practice communicating your boundaries.

get another perspective

You may not know if you are in a toxic cycle because being gaslighted calls into question your judgment and perception of reality. It’s important to talk to someone you trust and, if possible, a mental health professional to get an objective perspective.

Prepare to withdraw

If you find yourself in an addictive addictive cycle with someone, you need to realize that it is an addictive cycle. Please understand that you will certainly go through periods of withdrawal and you will need a support system to help you. Create a strategy of healthy coping mechanisms and tools that you can use to calm yourself down and adjust emotionally when you feel like it. Daily meditation, mindfulness, and self-compassion practices can help you ride the waves of emotions that follow.

You can also join communities such as Sex and Love Addict Anonymous or go to schizophrenia regression It focuses on creating healthy relationship patterns.

Want to get over a breakup?

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