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Things to Do in Joshua Tree, According to Locals

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Any adventurer knows this. The best places to explore are those that feel worlds away. We’re looking for what’s secret, what’s special, and something completely new. Cities, small towns and countries that amaze us with their magic transform the travel experience into something new and unexpected. It is this common pursuit that has propelled Joshua his tree to its recent destination-level status. If Joshua Tree is on your must-see list, consider the ultimate guide to things to do in Joshua Tree, told by the locals themselves.

California’s high desert boasts breathtaking scenery and, of course, the beauty of the endangered Joshua tree. This desert hero provides food and habitat for countless creatures, making the region a haven for diverse wildlife and plants. It is the natural charm of this landscape that attracts many creators to the region. It’s a haven for entrepreneurs who find inspiration in the desert’s nooks and crannies, with beautiful homes that blend in with their surroundings.

How to Spend a Long Weekend at Joshua Tree

The latter case perfectly represents our resident Joshua Tree experts. Husband Jay and her co-founder of popular olive oil and skincare brand Alison Carroll Wonder Valley was purposefully sought out for a place to build a life that allows for limitless creative expansion. In Joshua Her Tree, Alison has found a community that supports her intuitive approach to life. With a curiosity-first mindset, she maximizes and highlights the potential of her ingredients in recipes that are simple yet feel fascinatingly complex. (This is a paradoxical feat only an artist-chef can achieve.)

Below, Allison shares all the must-see and must-do highlights of this wonderfully unique part of the country. Trust: This is more than a to-do list. Instead, expect to find lesser-known recommendations only locals know about that will help you experience all the beauty that Joshua Her Tree has to offer.

Best time to visit Joshua Tree

Some may seek the crisp autumn coolness of New England. Allison from the Pacific Northwest loves the desert in October. If you want to experience all of Joshua his tree except the heat, there’s no better time than mid-autumn. “By then, the intense summer heat will have subsided,” Allison says. “It’s warm and sunny during the day, but cool at night.”

But don’t worry if you’ve used up all your paid vacation by the fall. Depending on the time of year, spring may be the best time. If winter is all about rain, Alison calls spring “the season to visit.” The cactus blooms she in April and she in May. If there is enough rain, flowering can be expected. super bloom. “The whole desert floor is covered with tiny flowers and covered with color,” Allison says. “Every cactus has new growth and bright flowers, and the Joshua tree has large white trumpet-shaped flowers.”

Access to Joshua Tree

To avoid the hectic disruptions of LAX, Alison recommends flying to Palm Springs instead. “You can wait outside under the palm trees until you board your plane. There is so much to explore in this area,” she says. If time permits, extend your stay to explore the low-lying desert as well.

Or, if Palm Springs isn’t feasible (it’s a smaller airport, which can make flights more expensive), both LAX and Vegas can handle the pinch. What are the advantages of the latter option? “This drive is more of an open desert with less traffic,” Allison added.

Her final note on transportation: If you want to book a trip to Joshua Tree, you’ll need a car to explore. Due to the remoteness of the area, I can’t rely on published transportation or her Uber or other rideshares for getting around.

What to Bring for a Long Weekend at Joshua Tree

As with any trip, check the weather before you set off. But given the wild temperature swings in the desert, Joshua needs to keep this tip extra in mind when heading to his tree.

“Look at the lows and highs for the season to come,” Allison says. “It can vary up to 40 degrees between day and night.” Allison says comfort is a priority in her clothing and footwear choices, as well as durable shoes for all the activities Joshua does during her stay in the tree. Suggest to bring hiking boots for her. In addition to that, you should also take care to protect yourself from the desert sun. such as hats and sunglasses Sunscreen is a must for all.

Allison’s last note? “Joshua His tree outing couldn’t be more casual. It’s okay to wear your rock climbing gear and climb up to the bar. Just come as you are!”

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Joshua Tree Hotels

Branch + Brick Luxury Rental Cabin. If you’re looking for a dreamy desert retreat, look no further than Brandi Joy Smith’s perfectly designed Joshua his tree his cabin. A longtime contributor to the site, Brandy has a spirit of gorgeous taste and boundless creativity, all of which is expressed through every design element. Be sure to read the interview for a mouthwatering scroll (full of images we’ve all added to her desert-inspired Pinterest board).can be booked Click here for Brandy’s Joshua Tree Cabins for your next stay.

carol rock. Considering Allison’s expertise in design and hosting, it’s no surprise her rental homes are going to be amazing. “At night, taking an outdoor shower watching the stars and the moon come out is my favorite thing about being in the high desert.” are present) architectural digest and bon appetit to confirm it). The Airbnb boasts his 360 degree views of the rocks and mountains and is the perfect place to see all of Joshua Tree.

29 Palms Inn. Allison loves this elegant place. (She includes it in Joshua’s Her Tree’s recommended places to eat; see below.) It’s close proximity to Joshua Tree National Park and Mojave’s Trails National Monument, so if you want to stay at the hotel, too. This hotel is a great option. The property consists of Adobe bungalows and wooden cabins. Expect a one-of-a-kind stay filled with character and unexpected design details throughout.

where to eat in joshua tree

Joshua Tree has a lot of great food. Alison is the perfect person to ask for recommendations. What’s your favorite way to start your weekend morning at Joshua Tree? Farmers Market on Saturdays. “Here in California, we’re blessed with great produce all year round, and the desert is no exception.” When it comes to eating out, Alison’s favorite spots are:

  • Mas O Menos. A great new spot for coffee and cocktails during the day.
  • The Dez and road runner. Both have easy options out of the box. Allison recommends buying something for the road at one of the locations and taking it to the park.
  • red dog. First saloon opened in 1946, Alison calls Red Dog “a place where you can enjoy tacos and strong drinks casually.”
  • tiny pony. For dining like a local at Joshua Tree, head to Tiny He Pony for a tavern vibe and natural wines. A pool table completes the look.
  • 29 Palms Inn. If you want to enjoy an elegant poolside dinner, this is the place. The 29 Palms Inn maintains the feel of the Desert Country West while blending it with a touch of nobility. (You can also buy a picnic lunch if you want to take your food with you on your hike.)
  • La Copine. Alison calls this “roadside bistro” her favorite food in the desert. And while you are not offal To book, it’s best to secure a spot in advance, she says.

Things to do in Joshua Tree

Of course, national parks are the ultimate destination for Joshua Tree. “We love exploring our surroundings. Especially the Wall Street Mill Trail,” Allison says. Aside from that, here are some of Alison’s favorite activities to do in Joshua’s tree.

  • sound bath integratron. You can’t visit Joshua His Tree without booking a Sound Bath at this unforgettable designed destination. If you’re headed to the desert for relaxation, rejuvenation, and the opportunity to experience deep introspection, make the Integratron a priority on your itinerary. A sound bath session lasts 60 minutes.
  • show at Puppy + Harriet. Barbecue, mezcal, and the best live music are all served up at this traditional American West restaurant. The atmosphere is rustic, laid back, and purely rural. No trip to Joshua’s tree would be complete without a night out at Pappy + Harriet’s.

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