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Tom Schwartz Fence Sits in 1st Remarks on ‘Vanderpump’ Cheating Scandal

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Tom Schwartz

First public statement on the ‘VR’ scandal…

Major Fence Sitting!!!

Tom Sandovalbusiness partner of Tom Schwartzhas been tight-lipped about the cheating scandal in the past, but now he’s breaking his silence…and boy, is he about to walk a fine line.

Papp, who ran into Schwartz at LAX on Saturday, seemed like he was open and willing to talk about everything…it’s the first time he’s spoken publicly about the issue, and the issue is currently It’s been going on for almost two weeks. Interestingly, he seems pretty chipper here.

Check it out… TS says Sandoval holds up well with all things considered, but look out for his right-hand man with investments in both TomTom’s and Schwartz & Sandy’s Lounge doing. POS … yes, he adds.

Schwartz says Sandoval knows he’s failed…and he (Schwartz), who sympathizes with everyone involved, said it’s an unfortunate situation overall. Speaking!

Schwartz is Sandoval and Raquel Revis Under the bus…he seems to show outward support Ariana Maddix, who was trickedHe says he has a good support system around her and wants her to “live on.”

As for whether Schwartz was aware of this sort of thing before it became public… he plays cards near the vest – and, of course, teases the show as well, telling people to watch. Let’s be clear about one thing he does… this whole story really hurt the business.

There have been reports of TomTom’s liquor license being revoked this week, but it’s unclear if that has anything to do with what’s happening with TomAriana/Raquel. Either way, Tom and all of Tom’s business have come under heavy scrutiny in the last few days.

However, back to Schwartz.He believes that everything will be fine in the long run, and he takes things day by day. be dragged himself.

The man’s lengthy response doesn’t sit well with many ‘Vanderpump’ fans…whether his words here can appease them before this is all addressed on Bravo’s cameras. can tell the time. 😬

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