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[Free Online Event] The Dalai Lama Global Vision Summit 2023

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Hi everyone!I look forward to sharing my inspiration Dalai Lama Global Vision Summit 2023 Starting next week.

This free event will draw inspiration from the vision, kindness, humility and wisdom of the Dalai Lama to explore how we can navigate an increasingly uncertain world with compassion and virtue.

If, like me, you want to create a world with less pain and love moving, this is the perfect time to learn the skills and strategies you need to bring about positive change.

sign up today Get free access to 20 expert presenters and join thousands of people around the world who share hope for humanity at this incredible event next week, March 16-20.

Over five days, Lion’s Roar and Tibet House US bring together a respected panel of Buddhist teachers, experts, spiritual leaders and activists to explore a wide range of important ideas spanning compassion, meditation and wisdom. Social change, ethical behavior, and how to awaken compassion for yourself and others.

Dalai Lama Global Vision Summit 2023 can help you:

  • Navigate personal and collective challenges with wisdom and insight
  • Connect with your heart through guided meditations led by the world’s leading Buddhist scholars
  • Experience the Joy of Universal Ethics Rooted in Compassion
  • Explore how to create a more cohesive society through the power of compassion and virtue
  • Learn how personal change is key to social change
  • Discover how we can work together to create a better future, world and society

“Thank you for the wonderful speakers and meaningful content. My happiness level rose to new heights with each speaker. There is so much to learn and share!”

Marie at the Dalai Lama Global Vision Summit 2020

To sign up todayfor instant access to a set of downloadable teachings from Lion’s Roar’s exclusive publication, Visions of the Dalai Lama: Wisdom for a Compassionate World.

Enjoy this transformative event.

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