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Two Classic 90s Adventure Games Are Getting Unexpected Remakes

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screenshot: Twinsen’s Little Big Adventure

Our collective memory of video games is a strange one. Several games from decades ago are committed to the Pantheon, where they are told and remembered forever. Meanwhile, some of the biggest releases of the time have disappeared, never heard from again.

little big adventure is one of those games. Released in 1994, it was a big deal! He graced the covers of magazines and received critical acclaim, not only for his incredible isometric visuals, but also for his unique art style and puzzle designs. A large number of copies were sold around the world, but one market that did not do well was the United States. Mainly explained.

So we’re happy to hear that a small team (currently working on an attempt to reboot the franchise) has decided to completely remake both the original game and its sequel in Unreal Engine 5. but in their hearts. They’re doing it to generate enough interest in the series to help publishers agree to pay development costs for the reboot project.

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screenshot: Twinsen’s Little Big Adventure

Everyone wins! You’re getting remakes of two of the coolest adventure games ever made. If they do well, you’ll also get a new Little Big Adventure game along with it.

Each game Graphics and tech overhaul This means faithfully rebuilding both games from scratch. Also, to improve your experience, Rework Twinsen controls and Add new featuresOf course, the option to use the original game controls is still available for those who want to play like the original game. This work also Remastered original music by composer Philippe Vacheyensuring the best possible experience.

The first game has a demo set to release during the upcoming Steam Neo Fest (June 19-26), and the team’s announcement blog says both games will be released by 2024, the series’ 30th anniversary. suggests that

there is more on the project’s official website.

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