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Visiting My Twin Sister in California

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bodega bay

twin sister lucy and me chat forever Although we were on the phone, we were always surrounded by friends and relatives, so I realized the other day that we hadn’t spent a lot of time together one-on-one in 12 years. (!!!) And sometimes it’s tempting to tie it all together. So this weekend we spent three days with her in Northern California…

I arrived at SFO with my trusty travel snacks and great food. podcast episode. Whenever I travel, I am reminded of this article by McSweeney. Businessman shouting at the airport. You can’t avoid seeing it.

Nick's Cove Cottages California

I first went to Nick’s Cove At Tomales Bay. The drive from the airport was wonderful winding through cows, rivers and eucalyptus groves.Her sister had to work that night, so I met my friend. Kendra And Victoria, who lives nearby.

Nick's Cove Cottages California

Have you stayed at this hotel? There are 12 cottages, 5 of which are actually on the water.

Nick's Cove Cottages California

How amazing was the view from our bedroom?

Nick's Cove Cottages California

We chatted on the balcony…

Nick's Cove Cottages California

…and breathe in the fresh California air, scented with kelp and pine trees. I also love the smell of cow dung from the ranch.

Nick's Cove Cottages California

I ordered the Cioppino fish stew for dinner. big salad We ate at the hotel restaurant on the pier. Then we went back to our cottage and fell asleep listening to our friends chatting while feeling jetlagged. I remember as a kid nodding in the car while my parents talked quietly in the front seat. Nothing could be more cozy. 🙂

hog island oysters

The next day my sister and I met there. Hog Island Oyster Company for lunch. I was so excited to see her, and rushed over to this table where she was waiting.

How cute is she?

Lucy, a longtime California resident and enthusiast, took me on a tour of the Point Reyes Lighthouse. grocery store With water buffalo milk soft cream, local bookstore and called the market Toby’s.we also tried great cheese shop But it was too late! That night we stayed in osprey peakrun by a lovely couple who served us a wonderful breakfast (eggs, sausage, kale, avocado, fresh fruit, local cheeses, homemade sourdough bread, homemade scones, homemade granola, orange juice, hot coffee, tea, etc.).

Scribe Winery Sonoma Best

The next day we headed to Sonoma for lunch. scribe winery.

Scribe Winery Sonoma Best

our wonderful server, Justinmade the world of wine feel fascinating and gossipy rather than stoic and condescending.

Scribe Winery Sonoma Best

Wine tastings are accompanied by light refreshments, and the menu is ever-changing. I especially liked the garlicky potato chips.

Scribe Winery Sonoma Best

We were also lucky enough to chat Kelly MarianiA genius chef who trained at Chez Panisse. Everything is bursting with flavor. (She’s also friends with marketing director Maureen, who Prince Harry once had a crush on.)

Lucy Kalanithi

After scribe we went back to: Our hotel Reading a book, taking a nap, persuading someone to rub their shoulders (“You’re my sister in two minutes…” “But I came all the way here to see you…”) and then… We had already eaten so in the middle of our road trip we went for dinner Valley bar and bottle. (A penny or a pound, as our English relatives say.)

Valley Bar and Bottle Sonoma

Living 3,000 miles apart isn’t easy, but sisters time like this feels special. Many times, we laughed so hard (always at very random occurrences) that we had to bend over, cross our legs, and try not to pee. Oh, just typing this makes me laugh.

Finally I gave Lucy a big hug and went home. Thank you Lucy, and thank you California! You two are the best and one of you is the absolute best. I’ll leave the game to you! (The answer is Lucy.)

Where do your loved ones live? Are they near or far? How do you keep in touch?fucking

PS Redecorating my sister’s house and traveling with Kendra and her little babies.

(Lighthouse photo: Raymond Forbes LLC/Stocksy. Golden Gate Bridge photo: Rachel Dwyer/Stocksy.)

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