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We Tried 10 Low Acid Coffee Brands—Here’s What Made the Cut

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One of my favorite moments of the day is when I take my first sip of coffee. Hot, iced, sweet, black, it’s safe to say that I’ve been a fan of all types of coffee for quite some time. It’s only recently that I’ve been seeing low-acid coffee brands on local grocery stores that claim to be gut-friendly, and I’ve been intrigued. You know what the internet says: Tummy troubles are sexy girl problems. So I decided to give my gut a break and try some of the top low-acid coffee brands that might make my mornings a little more enjoyable. With the tips below and low-acid coffee brands, you can.

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What happens to coffee with less acidity?

We had a lot of questions about what exactly acidity is, how it affects the body, and how to find coffee with less acidity. Coffee in general is a very sour drink due to the type of beans used, the method of roasting and the presence of caffeine. A combination of these factors can cause an upset stomach and caffeine nasty nausea. With the increasing popularity of low-acid coffees, I tested several brands to see how well these coffees hold up.

Effects of coffee on digestion

Suffice it to say, coffee tends to cause a bit of digestive problems. I know all I want in the morning is a cup of coffee, Eating before your first beer is very important to prevent stomach upset. Caffeine alone can spike your cortisol levels if you haven’t had a meal beforehand. Additionally, coffee can increase stomach acidity by producing excess products. hydrochloric acidIt can cause heartburn, acid reflux, and indigestion. These symptoms are just a few reasons why some people avoid this acidic drink first thing in the morning.

something that reduces the acidity of certain coffees

You can easily add a little milk or cream to your coffee without changing your morning routine. This has the effect of neutralizing the acid. However, if you’re already prone to stomach problems, increasing your dairy intake may not be the solution you’re looking for. Both where the coffee beans are harvested and the altitude at which they are harvested determine their acid content. When shopping, look for beans from Brazil, Sumatra, and Nicaragua. lower acid content.

If you’re brewing at home, here’s what you have: some way It can reduce the sourness of your morning beer. Some tips:

  • Extend the roasting time. Both roasting temperature and roasting time are possible affect acidity of your coffee. To reduce the acidity of your coffee, try brewing at a higher temperature for a longer time. Coffee may appear more bitter than usual, but it actually has a much lower acid content.
  • Incorporate egg shells into the premises. Since eggshell is an alkaline substance, it works to reduce the acidity of anything that contains eggshell. This includes your morning drink.
  • Use coarse ground coffee beans. Fine ground coffee contains more particles than coarse ground coffee, so using coarse ground coffee at a lower temperature interfere with brewing because it is acidic and bitter. Score!
Image by Michelle Nash

Find a coffee roast with less acidity

Of the three roasts, light, medium and dark, the coffee with the lowest acidity is given to the dark roast coffee.This roast is low in compounds that cause gastric cells to produce acid. Additionally, choosing different brewing methods for your coffee increases your chances of getting rid of the sourness. Espresso tends to have a shorter extraction process, and cold brew requires less heat. Both processes can reduce the amount of acid filtered into your drink.

After taste-testing and determining how well these coffee brands hold up to sensitive stomachs, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 low-acid coffee brands you should try. Spend a more enjoyable morning coffee time while reading and drinking.

10 Proven Low-Acid Coffee Brands

If you’re interested in the idea of ​​low-acid coffee, go for it. Read on for our picks for the best low-acid coffee brands.

Note: Many of the coffees on this list come in whole bean, ground, and packet form.Please be sure to select your preferred form before checking out!

best low acid coffee brands

Most Affordable: Trader Joe’s Low Acid French Roast Coffee

just when i thought Trader Joe’s couldn’t be better. I found a low acid option for French roast coffee. This coffee was rich with a strong yet sweet coffee flavor. The beans are steamed before a long, slow roast to remove acidity without affecting flavor. I found this blend to be very smooth and not bitter compared to the typical French his roast his coffees I’ve tried. And, in true Trader Joe’s fashion, it’s one of the most affordable low-acid options under $10.

  • Flavor note: Smoky and sweet chocolate scent
  • Roast type: dark
  • Original: Brazil and Peru

If you’re like me and you’re on the go almost 24/7, Purity Coffee offers a great single-serving option for dark roast blends. The ‘Ease’ blend is specially formulated to be more digestible than traditional coffee while maintaining its robust flavor. This blend contains high levels of antioxidant phenolic compounds in a low-acid blend for added nutritional value. Purity sells both beans and grounds, but I’ve found the single-use sachets to be perfect for those busy mornings when you still want quality coffee. We also offer a ground option if the idea of ​​disposable packets doesn’t appeal to you. If you have a sensitive stomach and don’t like long morning commutes, this coffee might be for you.

  • Flavor note: roasted walnuts, dark chocolate, brown spice
  • Roast type: dark
  • Original: Nicaragua, Honduras, Colombia

Bulletproof Coffee is on this list for several great reasons. The medium-roast blend provides significant stimulation from the caffeine content while minimizing gastrointestinal side effects. My coffee tasted a bit bitter, but the sweet flavor notes made up for the slight bitterness. I didn’t find this coffee to have a sour aftertaste at all and I highly recommend it to experienced coffee lovers who need an added dose of caffeine.

  • Flavor note: Finished with cinnamon, plum, orange and cocoa hazelnut
  • Roast type: Moderate
  • Original: Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala

One of the most popular low-acid coffees among coffee lovers is LifeBoost. All of the company’s products are low-acid coffees and are available in beans, grounds, or single-use “go bags.” Dark roast is dry, sweet and smooth in taste. The popularity of LifeBoost is due to the fact that all coffees have a pH level of 6 or above, while most conventional coffee has a pH level of around 5 or below.

  • Flavor note: chocolate
  • Roast type: dark
  • Original: Nicaragua

Puroast French Roast is one of the smoothest blends of low-acid coffees. We offer several flavors, including Bold Vanilla and Premium Hazelnut, but if you’re sensitive to flavors, French Roast’s low acidity, dark roast is perfect. A typical French roast can be bitter, but this special blend has no bitterness.

  • Flavor note: smoky and sweet
  • Roast type: dark
  • Original: Venezuela

Medium-roasted coffee may not be the most desirable option for experienced coffee lovers, but Fabra’s organic, low-acid options will change your mind with delicious flavors like brown sugar and mild fruit. maybe. This coffee blend is flavorful and fresher than most commercial low-acid coffees, which is why the price is slightly higher. However, if you are picky about the taste and freshness of your beer, this brand might be worth trying.

  • Flavor note: caramel sugar, nuts, chocolate, rich
  • Roast type: Moderate
  • Original: Peru

In terms of variety, Volcanica Coffee wins. The coffee is available in four formats: whole bean, drip grind, espresso grind, and French press. The brand also offers 26 low-acid coffees, all of which meet the low-acid standard of pH 5.6-5.2. The dark roast is surprisingly sweet, with hints of dark chocolate and caramel complementing its full-bodied, bold taste.

  • Flavor note: smoked, dark chocolate, caramel
  • Roast type: dark
  • Original: Colombia, Guatemala, Sumatra

If you’ve been interested in a low-acid coffee brand by now, but don’t have a coffee maker, VitaCup offers a great low-acid option that comes in Keurig K-Cup format. The dark roast of the Vita Cup is not only delicious, but it is also convenient for traveling and busy mornings. I found this coffee to be smoother and more balanced than other K-cup coffees I have brewed.

  • Flavor note: caramel and cocoa
  • Roast type: dark
  • Original: Guatemala

If you love different blends, Lucy Jo’s Coffee is for you. This family-owned company offers low-acid powders and beans in an abundance of unique flavors and roasts. Our low-acid original blend is the perfect combination of sweetness and spiciness, while keeping your coffee rich and not bitter.

  • Flavor note: Sweet and earthy spice scent
  • Roast type: medium dark
  • Original: Indonesia and Brazil

Mastermind Coffee made it onto this list because of its stunning packaging, plus an added spiritual uplift that traditional coffees don’t typically offer. Their low-acid espresso roast is smooth, not as intense as traditional espresso, and has a hint of sweetness. Due to its high caffeine content, it may be better to dilute it with creamer or drink it in small sips.

  • Flavor note: Slightly sweet and simple taste
  • Roast type: espresso
  • Original: united states of america

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