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What Do You Wear to Work? 10 Readers Share Their Looks

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what to wear to work real women

What are you wearing to work these days? So many things have changed since I last asked this question that I thought it was time to check in.

what to wear to work real women

name: Naomi
work: genetic counselor
position: San Diego
style: “this Tweet — About the ‘From Day to Night’ outfit — Too real! I realized that my actual requirement was the ability to switch from business casual to dog walking attire.Replace blazer with zip up and replace my work shoes for sneakersIn less than a minute, you’ll be ready to walk the dog, check out a podcast, or have a burrito for dinner. ”

name: Alyssa
work: bar owner
position: boston
style: “I own Boston’s first and only sake bar. Koji Clubi like to wear Ilana Kohn jumpsuit A large pocket holds 720ml of sake. Plus, I love that it’s from a small woman-owned business. ”

what to wear to work real women

name: Emily
work: farmer
position: Seekonk, Massachusetts
style: “I am a herb and flower farmer who lives and works on a small farm. My days consist of kneeling in the dirt planting and weeding. Harvesting fresh herbs, flowers and vegetables.Making bouquets and herbal medicines.Comfort and durability are the biggest factors when choosing clothes for each morning, especially in the summer when you are on your feet all day. Wearing a version of this outfit: breezy shorts, sleeveless topmy trust brand stone, fanny packand a very large sun hat.

what to wear to work real women

name: Jitka
work: psychotherapist and psychiatrist
position: Prague
style: “I work at a crisis center and specialize in treating adults with ADHD. I settled on work clothes that consisted of flowy dresses and skirts with fun tops. My clients, especially My teens and twenties are my biggest fashion inspirations, teaching me how to style trends I see on the internet, like crop tops and face jewelry, and make them wearable in real life.”

name: Destiny
work: Global Public Relations Project Manager
position: washington dc
style: “Returning to the office has meant a (very slow) return to my sense of style. I wear shirt dresses a lot as the seasons change from winter to spring. Everlane trench and scarf. Layers always make you look together, IMO.

what to wear to work real women

name: Hannah
work: Registered paramedic
position: Centralia, Illinois
style: “I wore medical scrubs — scrub pants, scrub tops, scrub jackets, pink nike — in operation every day since 2009! The good news is that you don’t have to think about your outfit from Monday to Friday. ”

what to wear to work real women

name: Nikki
work: lawyer
position: colorado
style: “Growing up, I told friends that I wanted a job where I could wear cool suits. We’ve identified words: classic, textured, and edgy. Keeping these words in mind helps us put together the look for courtrooms and client meetings.”

what to wear to work real women

name: Sofia
work: Product marketer for a technology company
style: “I work mostly from home, so dressing stylish helps me be more productive and feel like the best version of myself. My typical uniform is jeans, a blouse, or It’s a sweater. Darn tough socksand a necklace to keep the baby I lost close.

Work clothes

name: Hannah
work: PhD Rhetoric and Writing Candidate
position: Austin
style: “Like most graduate students, I do a little bit of everything. I teach my first teaching assistant class, help run my lab, and write in the library. I also built a solar-powered computer for my dissertation, my go-to is a flowing skirt and t-shirt, it’s more affordable, and I’ve never experienced them before. I love imagining adventures. tick tock, and it was surprisingly fun. ”

name: Kimmy
work: stay-at-home mom
position: Southern California
style: “I’m a stay-at-home mom of three boys (8, 5, and 2), so I describe my style as ‘mom on the go. That means jeans, Birkenstocks or tennis shoes, a comfortable top and a cardigan. Here I am walking in nature with my children. I love being able to see my girlfriend’s 2 year old’s blurry head. He is very attached to me and seeing that warms his heart. ”

What do you wear to work? Please let us know…

PS Six more readers share their looks for work, their best black pants, and their nonprofit attorney’s outfit for the week.

(Alyssa’s photo is Adam ParshallAll other photos courtesy of our readers. )

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