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I would love to hear from you today as I always want to get my weekends going, what is your favorite romantic scene in a movie or TV show? Here are 6 that always get me…

of before sunrise, Celine and Jesse recreate how they tell their friends about their sudden stop in Vienna. The way Jessie plays with his boyish mannerisms (and how he flinches when she says his hair is greasy!) melts my heart.

Looking bend it like beckham At 13, I was thrilled to see Jess, a woman of color, beat Joe, a dreamy guy whose teammates all had crushes on. But I was even more thrilled to see that she turned down Joe to pursue her dream of starting a soccer career.

of chemistry In this new girl First kiss scene! Afterglow in front of the bedroom door! Small final kiss! How he left Jess standing on the floor!

Sitts Creek David and Patrick won “Best TV Proposal”. Patrick’s voice chirping during his speech brings tears to my eyes every time. Also, David wears that sweater for a hike and here’s his line:

This I-want-you-back monologue always be my maybe It contains questions that all partners want to ask.

And finally, every time Westley says “As you wish,” princess bride.

What’s your favorite scene from a romantic movie or TV show? Drop in all the sweet, pulsating lace details below.

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