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What Was Your First Date Like?

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500 days of summer

I was 15 when I met Brandon, a blue-eyed high school senior who played bass in a punk band. After weeks of flirting on MySpace and avoiding face-to-face meetings, I was smitten.

In the evening he emailed me asking. “I like you. Do you want to go to the movies? — My heart fluttered like never before. I waited two seconds before I answered, ‘Yes!! and threw himself on the bed in a haze the size of love.

the only catch? I worked that Saturday. Oh, I wasn’t allowed to date. My parents had a strict no dating rule until they were 16.

But by the morning of the big day, I had a plan and an accomplice. They agreed to help us. That way Brandon wouldn’t have to go near my house and his mom would think I was hanging out with friends.

An hour before the movie started, I was in my bedroom, ironing my hair onto my silky sheets and applying three coats of mascara (oh my god). An email from Andrea rattles off, “You’re 20 minutes late. Sorry!”

I texted Brandon explaining that I was going to be late and was still excited. For the next 20 minutes, she relentlessly checks her phone for updates from Andrea. Then I got her second text of her. My parents are keeping me here forever. I’ll be there in 20 minutes! ’ At that point, I was nauseous — what if Brandon thought I was blowing him off? he Decided to cancel? I ran out the front door when Andrea’s car pulled into the driveway.

As I drove to the front of the theater, I spotted Brandon sitting awkwardly on a bench near the entrance. There, moviegoers were lining up in and out, oblivious to the melodrama of his little teenage years unfolding in front of them. I jumped out of the car and prepared to begin my apology speech. But to my relief, he interrupted me, grinned, and said, “Let’s go get some popcorn and watch that movie.”

The movie I was planning to see was almost over, so I popped in for the 3:15pm show. baby mamaAs I sat down in my seat, my cheeks flushed with tension. I, Janelle Sanchez, had a real live date! I grabbed a handful of popcorn and Brandon put his arm around my shoulder. For the next 30 minutes of him, we were in his teenage bliss.

Even halfway through the movie, my phone vibrated with an “I’m here” text from Andrea, ending my first date. and whispered, “Thank you.”

During that hectic and wonderful 30 minutes, I learned something. The most romantic moments often happen in unplanned or unpredictable ways. Today, every time my husband and I take a night off from parenting and our dinner reservations get canceled or our comedy show sells out or whatever hiccups occur, I’m as cool as a cucumber and a little giddy. Because we know that something magical might be right there.

How was your first date? Was it embarrassing, amazing, or both? We would love to hear from you.

PS What’s your relationship status with your awkward dating story?

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