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What’s the Best Party Snack of All Time? This.

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Frills and French Onion Dip Recipephoto courtesy David Williams

My friend Lucy threw a party the other day. She was a magnificent host, and when she stepped into her bustling living room, she found a brimming board of cheese and charcuterie.But then my eyes focused on something else. was combined.

Frills and French onion dip.

My heart was pounding. The combo was a beloved staple of her Midwestern childhood, but she never saw it again after she moved to New York after college, but here it was in all its glory. I headed over quickly for a bite to eat.

“We always make double batches,” Lucy told me this morning.

The Best Party Snacks Frills and French Onion Dip

Of course, all you have to do is a) mix Lipton’s Onion Soup & Dip Mix In a bowl of sour cream. 2) Open the bag of frills. It’s cheap, old-fashioned, and a crowd pleaser.

Here are Lucy’s pro tips:
* Light sour cream cannot be used, and hard potato chips that can withstand the weight of the dip are required. It’s like different shapes of pasta make the sauce last longer.
*Do you know what’s good? salt and pepper frilly chipsIt’s baffling them a little bit.
* We also serve carrot and celery sticks, but people only eat them when the chip crumbs are gone.
*Pigs in a blanket is another thing that doesn’t matter what other fancy food you serve.But French onion dip still goes the fastest.

Since that party, I’ve found the combo again.Children’s birthdays and Oscar viewing parties.Will snacks return to the scene? Or have you never actually left?

The Best Party Snacks Frills and French Onion Dip

Why not try it? Or do they always have it?! Funny enough, I mentioned raffles and onion dip on his CoJ team conference call, but no one had a clue what I was talking about. (“in short? Ranch?” I felt like the guy in the movie. yesterdaywhere no one has heard of The Beatles.

PS Don’t forget the 3 strategic starters for your dinner party and tater tots.

(Photos and GIFs provided by: David Williams for Cup of Joe)

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