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Joanna Goddard bedroom

Where do you live and who do you live with? This made me laugh…

comedian Matt Buschel Described by one CoJ reader as “the perfect sleepyboy,” this Internet crush describes three types of housing arrangements and how they differ.

He says that being with his roommates means he watches a lot more TV than he plans to. “You’d come home from work and there’d be a couple of cowboys on the TV and you’d be like, ‘Oh, what are they watching?'” ‘ and you’re like, ‘What the hell is Outlaws?’… you end up watching seven seasons in 24 hours and writing fanfiction.”

What about living with your partner? “You can ask very romantic questions like, ‘I’m going to get some paper towels, but do you need anything else from Rite Aid?'” they said. ‘ and you’re like, ‘Okay.

A third placement is a person living alone who finds themselves talking loudly. “People say, ‘It must be very scary to live alone.’ Do you ever get scared when you hear a noise?” says Matt. “It’s like, ‘No, I’m not scared.’ I’ve been busy hosting and guesting on non-existent podcasts and venting out all sorts of complaints about people who’ve wronged me.” .”

So! I have three questions for you:
* where do you live?
* Who do you live with?
* What are some fun little things about your family?

I live in Brooklyn with my two kids, and they throw more socks on the floor than you can imagine. Preteens eat a lot, so we always have 2 gallons of whole milk in our fridge. I like to read together on the bed with the fan on, each with their own book. When I’m alone on the plane at night, I enjoy doing whatever I want. That usually means eating cheese and crackers and watching a great TV comedy. I was the only adult in the house, so I was worried that he would be lonely, but he wasn’t. But when I’m gone for more than one night, I really miss them.

what about you? Update: So much fun to read!!! Thanks for sharing.fucking

PS It’s a hymn to time alone. where would you like to raise your children?

(Picture of my bedroom: Alpha Smoot for jaw cup)

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