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10 Awesome Features Of The 2024 McLaren 750S

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mclaren responsible for some of the most brutal supercars. They didn’t make it on target with his MP4-12C, but all that followed was worth fighting with Maranello. Things got worse with the resurgence of the LT, and McLaren finally made a comeback with a fire-breathing supercar that became a recent poster car.

Now McLaren is back with the latest 750S news. While visually similar to his 720S predecessor, the 750S packs a lot of tech and is lighter and faster than before. Seems like another benchmark for Woking mid-engined supercars. absolutely. So here are 10 cool things to know about the McLaren 750S.

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Ten The McLaren 750S uses a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 to produce 740 HP

McLaren 750S
Via McLaren

Powering Woking’s newest supercar is a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine that puts out a whopping 740 hp and a twist of 588 lb-ft at the rear wheels alone. These numbers translate to a 0-62 mph time of just 2.8 seconds and a 0-124 mph time of 7.2 seconds. The gearbox of choice is a 7-speed sequential shift unit using the high-performance nickel alloy used in F1. It’s absolutely mind-boggling that the 750S is actually more powerful than his P1 engine (737 hp), which is McLaren’s own hybrid without assist.

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9 McLaren 750S is 66 pounds lighter than 720S

McLaren 750S front quarter view
Via McLaren

McLaren has carried out rigorous engineering work to reduce the weight of the 750S as much as possible. 10-spoke ultralight forged alloy wheels, carbon fiber shell racing seats, lighter rear wing, new central exhaust stainless steel exhaust system, and state-of-the-art chassis construction methods and components help McLaren drop his 2815 lbs (dry ) weight goals. This makes it 66 pounds lighter than the 720S.

8 The 750S uses the same 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 as the 720S

Via YouTube

Yes, this is the same engine that powers all other McLaren vehicles, including the P1. The 8500 rpm M840T 4.0 liter unit is low mounted and features a flat plane crank., dry sump lubrication, lightweight connecting rods and electronically controlled wastegate for maximum power. This engine also utilizes the 765LT’s lighter pistons to reduce inertial mass and help the engine rev faster to the redline.

7 McLaren 750S sets the supercar benchmark

McLaren 750S front quarter view drifting
Via McLaren

With a dry weight of 2815 pounds and an output of 740 horsepower, the McLaren 750S has a segment-leading weight-to-weight ratio of 587 horsepower/tonne, making it the fastest car in the segment that makes up Ferrari. 296GTB too. McLaren still uses his old V8 engine to produce all this power without assistance or electrification. In some ways, this makes his 750S the most intuitive supercar you can buy today.

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6 McLaren 750S gets tons of tech

McLaren 750S rear view
Via McLaren

In 2024, you’ll get the McLaren Control Launcher (MCL), which debuts on the 750S.This is an on-board technology that helps drivers configure bespoke settings such as aerodynamics, handling, powertrain and transmission settings. The 750S also features a new central infotainment system and a new surround view camera system.

Five McLaren equips the 750S with the latest suspension technology

Front quarter view of the 2024 McLaren 750S Spider
Via: McLaren

The 750S gets a completely revised suspension setup and geometry for better dynamics. At the front his tread is 6mm wider and the new dampers make him 2kg lighter than before. Speaking of dampers, McLaren now uses PCC III. This is a new suspension that replaces anti-roll bars with passive coil springs and active dampers combined with a hydraulic roll circuit. The aim is to make the 750S easier to handle than the 720S.

Four McLaren 750S Feature Kit for McLaren Hypercars

McLaren 750S
Via McLaren

First and foremost, the 750S gets an upgraded braking system with monobloc front calipers, 390mm rotors, brake booster and vacuum pump. All inspired by the magnificent McLaren Senna. The supercar also features F1-inspired integrated caliper cooling for supreme braking performance. Additionally, the 750S also features a central exhaust port borrowed from the P1. Not an exact exhaust, but the idea is the same. Craft a racket that should shoot blue flames.

McLaren 750S Interior
Via McLaren

Some of the interesting options available if you have the means are lightweight carbon fiber racing seats, Pirelli P ZERO Trofeo R tires and lightweight titanium wheel bolts. There’s also a new Bowers & Wilkins sound system and an extended McLaren warranty that covers up to 15 years if you ever get tired of the V8 soundtrack (very unlikely).

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2 McLaren 750S features driver-focused cabin

2024 McLaren 750S Interior
Via: McLaren

The cabin layout is similar to the 720S, but with subtle updates along with a new infotainment system. Other highlights include a slim A-pillar, a new instrument cluster and interface that aligns with the steering column, and active dynamics features on both sides for maximum focus on driving. Also, like all McLarens, the steering wheel is simple, which McLaren likes, so there are no switches at all.

1 McLaren 750S comes with the latest lift kit

McLaren 750S rear quarter view
Via McLaren

Another interesting aspect of the McLaren 750S over the 720S is the enhanced lift system. The new system can raise the front of the supercar in just 4 seconds compared to his 10 seconds on the 720S. The front end and lip are the most vulnerable components in any supercar, so this is a nice addition.

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