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10 Simple (but Powerful) Prayers to Pray for Your Marriage

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Have you forgotten your wedding prayers? for your spouse? Sometimes we get so engrossed in prayer for our children and family, church family and friends, mission and ministry, and even world affairs, that we take the nearest covenant structure for granted. put away.

Knowing what to pray for can be difficult at times. If the communication between you and your spouse is good, you will know better what areas they are struggling with, what areas they need encouragement, etc. But there is more to marriage prayer than just praying for one’s spouse.

The very underlying nature of marriage is regularly attacked from different directions. I don’t need to go into stats, but it’s no surprise that more than half of marriages end in divorce. Separation is a state in which marriage is not guaranteed.

Consider the different areas your marriage could take a hit. Note that the absence of recent attacks in the area does not mean that marriage will not come. Marriage is a reflection of our relationship with the Lord. It is therefore logical to conclude that its sanctity cannot be unharmed by challenge, temptation or war.

That said, it is wise to take time to pray for your marriage. Protection against sworn oaths. Securing a fortress around the house we built together.

Below are 10 simple yet powerful prayers that you can use to bring your marriage before the Lord for attack against the battles to come and defense against the battles currently being fought.

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