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10 Ways to Murder Your Marriage

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Sometimes we forget the early adventures of married life. This is the “wow” factor that makes you want to know more about your partner and experience life together in new ways. We loved how our partners’ lives complemented our own and made life look better. The answer is never a new partner, but the new perspective and fresh surprises God has given us.

Here’s the problem. Predictability is a good thing. We want to know what to expect from our partners. But be careful. Predictability (hmm, all the same routine) can also lead to familiarity and boredom, which has been repeatedly cited as a reason for infidelity in couples. . Make room for lighthearted, God-respecting moments—“planned” spontaneity! Set the stage for romance in a fresh way.

Manage your calendar and block out time just for your spouse. Stimulate your relationship whether it’s a date night, attending a meeting together, or relaxing and recuperating together on vacation Let’s make time to laugh, learn and love together. face. Embark on a new adventure!

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