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10 Ways to Recapture Your Husband’s Heart

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In Song 4:16 the new bride says: This young, apparently confident bride invited her husband to find joy in her. There is nothing more attractive to her husband than having his wife initiate sexual activity. It happens when you and I are confident in who we are, confident that we are loved, and confident that we will not be rejected.

In Song 7:1-9, Solomon details from the sandals on the bride’s feet to the hair on the top of her head. Some commentators have speculated that she may have been dancing in front of him when he put this account together.

Now you might be thinking, If I was a young bride with a skinny flat stomach and I looked like her, yeah, I would dance in front of my husband. He probably isn’t happy with you being examined from head to toe. By our culture (and perhaps by past hurts as well), not being an “object” in front of men and getting offended at mentions that your body is a visual pleasure point for your husband. I understand that is ingrained in us. Still, remember something. You belong to him for life. You are the only woman your husband can look upon and enjoy with a right heart before God.

please think about it. If your husband sees another person the way God allows him to see you, he is committing adultery in his heart. . Let him enjoy what he sees by taking care of himself as best you can, dressing nicely, smelling pleasant, and looking at him with the eyes you once had for him. Perhaps when you start looking at him the way he used to, he’ll regain that look he once had.

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