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What Do You Put in Stockings?

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I’m always curious: What would you put in your child’s stockings? 10 things we love besides the valet parking sign that blew 8-year-old Toby’s mind there is…

stuffing for socks

airport activity bookYour little boy will be kept busy with this book whether he’s getting on the plane or not.

mini cerealI have such visceral childhood memories about these!

stuffing for socks

yoyoAnton got a yo-yo during summer vacation and played with it morning, noon and night. Everyone begged for a turn, even my 71 year old father.

stuffing for socks

head lampHide and read a book, talk on a night walk, play hide-and-seek, or pretend to be a spy/climber/spelunker.

stuffing for socks

mood ring. Classic.

stuffing for socks

detective and solution bookLegally very fun riddles and logic puzzles to figure out together. The boys and I try to approach these as slowly as possible, much like we savor our favorite chocolate bars.

stocking stuffer

mapThis map may seem academic and uninteresting at first, but my kids love it and have spent years researching states and planning future expeditions.

stuffing for socks

magic 8 ballFor when you’re done playing MASH!

stocking stuffer

label makerDo you have a kid who doesn’t want to label everything in the house? (Check, check.)

stuffing for socks

pajamas for sweet nights.

What ideas have worked for the kids in your life? I’d love to hear…

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