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10Best Cars for 2023

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car and driver 2023 10best

Phil/i2iArt.com| |car and driver

10Best just turned 40, and like many 40-year-olds, it’s a time of reflection and reassessment. 10Best ensures this is an evolution, not a midlife crisis.

Over the past few years, we’ve been experimenting with allowing trucks and SUVs to appear on our 10 lists. Combining them was born out of a desire to give readers the most complete advice on what to buy and what to want. However, choosing less than 10 cars never felt right and led to many altercations within the office. This year we are separating the car from everything else. This is a move that gives shoppers a more holistic view of cars while also allowing us to celebrate the cars we love. Next month, we’ll show you our list of the 10 best trucks and SUVs.

The next 16 pages are a celebration of sedans, hatchbacks, two-seaters, sports cars and electric sports sedans. Many of the lists will be familiar to readers, as 10Best isn’t just about new products this year, it’s about the best products on sale.

Car and Driver 10Best 2023: The Best Cars of the Year Preview

However, some rules apply. All cars on the list must be on sale by January 31st, and as always, expensive cars need to be special, not just to stay relevant. Set a price cutoff based on your expectations. Inflation has pushed new car prices up, so he rounded up to $110,000 for his Chevrolet Corvette Z06 size. This is purely coincidental.

car and driver Ironically not a dictatorship, because automobiles are what we are for. After driving all new cars that meet the criteria for a week, he votes on a scale of 0 to 100. Similar to figure skating, discard the high and low votes and average the remaining scores. From there, someone with insane Microsoft Excel skills sorts through the list to come up with the 10 best cars of 2023.

Click on an individual car to read the full story, or read on to find out more about the 10 Best Cars of 2023.

car and driver 2023 10best bmw i4

Phil/i2iArt.com| |car and driver

BMW i4

of BMW i4 It stood out among the competition not only because it was an electric BMW. Its acceleration, handling, smart packaging and value set the i4 apart from all other sports sedans, electric or otherwise. In fact, the i4 may just have what it takes to push BMW’s enthusiastic base to electrification.

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car and driver 2023 10best cadillac ct4vblackwing

Phil/i2iArt.com| |car and driver

Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing

no matter how often you experience CT4-V Blackwing, captivates us every time. The chassis and steering offer a high level of feedback that puts many sports cars to shame. Opt for a manual for smooth shifting and the joy of doing it yourself. Anyone who likes to drive will find plenty of fun behind the wheel. If he needs more, he always has the CT5-V Blackwing available.

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car and driver 2023 10best cadillac ct5vblackwing

Phil/i2iArt.com| |car and driver

Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing

before you move, Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing Strut like a champ. His 6.2-liter V8 engine with a 668-horsepower supercharger puffs and roars like it’s in a Corvette. Blackwing’s greatness extends beyond his powerful V-8. Every part of the driving experience brings a level of intimacy unique to exotic sports cars. The Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing is the best sports sedan sold today, if not the best ever.

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Cars and drivers 2023 10 best Chevrolet Corvette

Phil/i2iArt.com| |car and driver

chevrolet corvette

Critics like us love the driving experience and performance. corvette Fans love it because it’s the ultimate realization of their favorite car. Even people who weren’t interested in Corvettes at all suddenly realize they’re intrigued now because they’re so different from everything they’ve ever been. Add in his new 670-horsepower Z06 version of his to the attention of the exotic car world and you could be a top 10 winner.

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Cars and Drivers 2023 10 Best Honda Accord

Phil/i2iArt.com| |car and driver

honda accord

You can feel the richness of award winning. Accord before leaving the parking lot. It’s smooth, quiet, and refined to the nth degree. Honda continues to evolve the Accord, with the latest version improving fuel economy, sporting a new look and retaining the blend of practicality and performance that makes this the king of family sedans.

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Cars and Drivers 2023 10 Best Honda Civic

Phil/i2iArt.com| |car and driver

honda civic

we are awarding the whole Civic lineup as every model in the range offers value and greatness. Even the most sensible models, the base sports sedans and hatchbacks, are a joy to drive due to their charming handling, refined road he manners and precise steering. At the top of the range, the sporty Type R and Si offer enthusiasts fun on a budget. From top to bottom, the Civic offers something for every car buyer to enjoy.

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Cars and drivers 2023 10 best Porsche Cayman

Phil/i2iArt.com| |car and driver

Porsche 718 Boxster/Cayman

drive 718 Cayman or Boxster Reset your expectations of how a car will steer, accelerate, steer and feel. We love to drive and 718 Line knows how to speak that her love language is on our list again. 10Best’s increased purchasing power this year allows it to include nearly every 718 variant, from the base Turbo Flat 4 to the Cayman GT4, the lightweight 718 Spyder and the kick-up The Rev’s Boxster. Cayman GTS 4.0.

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Cars and drivers 2023 10 best Subaru BRZ

Phil/i2iArt.com| |car and driver

Subaru BRZ/Toyota GR86

These cars are made to entertain the person behind the wheel instead of putting big numbers in a spreadsheet. It’s sharp, unfiltered, cheap, and a sheer pleasure because it’s lightweight and has no frills that don’t improve the driving experience. May they continue to be so. Driving a car is a reminder that sometimes simplicity is its own reward.

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Car and Driver 2023 10best Toyota GR Corolla

Phil/i2iArt.com| |car and driver

Toyota GR Corolla

The GR is the first Toyota Corolla to make the 10Best list. But this is no ordinary Corolla. The GR looks, drives and sounds like you’d expect from a sports car, wrapped in a utilitarian hatchback. Full of spirit and a desire to please people, he doesn’t fly on the street or on the track. It’s been a long wait for an exciting Corolla, GR Corolla It was worth the wait.

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car and driver 2023 10best Toyota GR Supra

Phil/i2iArt.com| |car and driver

toyota supra

In 2023, above It’s back on our 10Best list, thanks in part to the newly available 6-speed manual transmission. The added engagement takes the interaction between driver and Supra to a new level. And while no automatic-equipped Supra can quite match the manual hook-up, all Supra share track-ready handling, a zealous engine under the hood and smile-inducing performance.

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