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12 Cute Brunch Outfit Ideas to Make the Patio Your Runway (2023)

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The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and you? Chances are you’ll head to the Instagram-worthy patio for a drink or brunch with friends.it’s all about that time of year it just tastes better outside. And luckily fashion follows suit. Feel free to bring scarves and sweaters. Flowy dresses, matching sets and perfect white tees are always on hand.

Spring brunch attire is a fashion category of its own. make Against the background of a checkered tiled table, sunshine through an umbrella and a wall covered with vines. And the good news?our editor is savvy I changed my work-from-home outfit and turned my patio into a runway.

Featured image from an interview by Laurel Gallucci Thiel Thomsen.

What are you wearing for brunch?

There is no formal dress code for brunch, but most people opt for casual chic attire. Cute enough for a plate of pancakes and a photo shoot. Yes, you can wear sneakers, jeans and even leggings. As with any social event, choose something that feels like you. Brunch is an opportunity to enjoy your own fashion. If you’re not sure where to start, here are some go-to looks, plus some proven ones to get you through patio season, aka the most fun season of them all.

From brunch bellinis to happy hour highballs, here are 12 brunch outfit ideas to copy.

All of our products have been carefully curated by our editors and we always give honest opinions whether it’s a gift or something you bought for yourself. can be obtained.

Shop Look: Dress | sandals | | necklace

bright blue dress

In my opinion, there are few things better than a single decision outfit.Dresses and jumpsuits just free up brain space When you’re making millions of decisions a day.And that’s exactly how I justify the number of dresses currently hanging in my closet. dusty blue dress is a favorite around here. appear It’s like a top and a skirt, but it’s actually the easiest dress I’ve ever worn.

Shop Look: Similar Shorts | similar top | | similar dress | | bag | | boots

Matching gingham set + cowboy boots

I’m not usually someone who gravitates towards orange tones, but the new season has left me feeling inspired and ready to step into something new. Waif Once set, its shape was perfect for my curvaceous body—I knew it had to be mine. And those old boots?i had this exact pair After 13 years, I feel that we are going to see a lot of wear and tear this year.

Shop Look: Pants | Tank top | | hat

Linen top + wide-brimmed hat

brandy Nail the tonal dressing. When in doubt, go black and white for a chic look. Hats and flowers don’t hurt.

Shop Look: Eyelet Smock Dress | black clogs

eyelet dress + chunky clog

Isabelle Proof that unexpected styles can make things interesting and fun.she paired This perfectly feminine eyelet dress (Currently on major sale) funky heavy shoesIt’s like the transition from winter to spring IRL.

Shop Look: shorts (similar) | blazer (similar) | | crop top (similar) | | strappy mule heels

Short with Strappy Sandals + Blazer Combo

There is something in the branch that makes neutral mandatory. It might be a pairing with colorful seasonal ingredients. Or maybe it’s just the fact that tone neutrals are chic 100% of the time. Michelles A playful suit with strappy heels is the perfect pairing for a festive brunch (and most definitely vacation-approved).

Shop Look: Dress | sneakers | | bag | | Sunny | | baseball cap

casual midi dress with baseball cap

My favorite type of brunch is the downright laid back one. On a sunny morning, get out of bed and put on a look that you know will stick with you all day long.Camille’s T-shirt dress The most perfect example.throw sneakers and cap Embrace the age of sporty spice.

image: @stylepashion via target

Shop Look: shirt | | pants | | sneakers | | sunglasses | | crossbody bag

Tonal coordination with white sneakers and a colorful bag

Confession: I saw this whole look the goal (!!) And it couldn’t be more crazy.this is shirt and pants It’s a combo, but that shirt could easily double as a denim jacket. All blue with a lime green pop?!

Shop Look: denim jumpsuit | pink mules | | link chain necklace

Dress up your jumpsuit with pink mules

Listen, denim jumpsuits are a staple in any season.This one is a little oversized and easy to dress up or down. Go full spring flutter with these fun pink mules and it classic chain necklace For a simple brunch look.

Shop Look: denim dress | mid boots

Coastal cowgirl denim dress and mid boots

Everyone talks about the coastal cowgirl trend, but I’m totally convinced she’s the coastal grandma of the year in the far southwest. boots is this season’s wardrobe must-have (convinced already?). This time, in the form of a dress, I am aiming for a classically organized look. Start with a branch and finish with a two-step. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday.

Shop Look: Baggy Jeans Shorts | relaxed polo shirt

Casual Baggy Jeans Shorts + Polo

This could be my new weekend uniform. A marine polo that begs for denim jeans that are actually easy to move in, plus a swinging ponytail to tie everything together. romantic blouseEither way, pair it with your favorite tote and hit the market right after your mimosa wears off.

Shop Look: high rise jeans | crew neck t-shirt | | drop earrings

Classic high-waisted jeans and t-shirt

Here are some of the most versatile pieces you can wear over and over again (and season after season). classic white t-shirt A specialty that is easy to layer Levi’s jeans your butt looks like a peach bottega drop earrings dupe It’s guaranteed to be everywhere you look, even if you haven’t seen it yet.

Shop Look: Jumpsuit

bold jumpsuit

And finally every branch needs a girl coral jumpsuitThat girl can be you. Add color and fun to your dining table. You can’t help but feel happy when you see something as colorful and well-tailored as this beauty.

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