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Get into the Earth Day spirit by upgrading your power tools to all-electric

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As for the internal combustion engine, EPA estimates Does that mean that just one hour of driving a lawn mower produces roughly the same amount of emissions as driving a modern car for 11 hours? It is a smog machine, responsible for up to 5% of U.S. air pollution. And it’s not just lawnmowers, according to an industry group called the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute. In America’s tool shed, he has 100 million gas-powered lawn mowers, trimmers, blowers, tillers, etc., and 54 million people mow weekly during the growing season. that’s a real problem.

But that’s a question of the actual solution.many of us auto blog Own and use an electric lawn mower in addition to the gas-powered machines in the aisles of large stores. After comparing the notes, it turns out that we all really like these tools. Here are some recommendations.

ego battery tool

Starting at $99.99 at Amazon

I have a one acre house with a low pitched roof that needs constant debris removal.so i bought ego leaf blower and string trimmerA 530 cubic foot per minute blower blasts through the patio and driveway, moving piles of maple leaves. The string trimmer can clear almost an entire acre on a single battery and automatically winds up new string.

Recently a small tree had to be felled. I dug out a cranky old petrol-powered chainsaw and fiddled with it for over an hour to get it working. The saw produced a cloud of blue smoke. It made me appreciate the power tools even more.

you can still buy the basics Trimmer/Blower Starter Pack I made a purchase and there are now over 50 products in Ego’s store on Amazon. Blower, chainsaw, hedge trimmer, string trimmer, multi head tools, snowblower, lawn mowerand battery system Up to 10 Amp-hour packs. (I think he has two 2.5Ah batteries.) There is also a line of more rugged commercial grade tools.also have an ego 42 inch zero-turn riding mower It is suitable for up to 2 acres.

3 years ago, Consumer Reports made a comparison Between the Ego push lawnmower and Honda’s gas model. The ego held its own.

Amazon carries battery powered yard tools from many other manufacturers. green works, San Joe, Makita, black and deckerand snapper, to name a few. Many of them are probably good too. — Greg Latha, Editor-in-Chief

RYOBI ONE+ 100 MPH 280 CFM Variable Speed ​​18V – $179.99

$179.99 at Amazon

Picked this up a few years ago. It’s a solid value and I use 18 volt batteries in other things like my Ryobi drill. When used at full power, it can be used for about 15-20 minutes, which is fine. I got it because I can clean up the grass clippings and keep my patio in decent shape. It’s fine for paving to move foliage, but for serious fall cleanup in the Midwest or northern New England, you’ll need something more powerful. If so, you can get a leaf blower even cheaper. — Greg Migliore, Editor-in-Chief

CRAFTSMAN Electric Chainsaw, 16 Inch, 12 Amp – $89.00

$89 at Amazon

This is my electric chainsaw. Comes with a cord and haven’t cut the extension cord yet. In front of my house, there are many old trees that drop huge limbs in storms. This lightweight chainsaw does a relatively quiet job quickly and gives you tons of free firewood. I like that it doesn’t smoke in addition to sawdust, but you still have to fill the bar and chain oil reservoir (many of these oils are plant based). Cleaning up after a day’s work is easy for idiots like me. — John Beltz Snyder, Senior Editor, Autoblog Green

Greenworks 16″ Reel Mower with Grass Catcher – Starting at $98.88 (24% off)

$98.88 at Amazon

I don’t live in California, so the gas lawn mower ban doesn’t directly affect me, but when I hit the mower market recently, I wanted to deal with having to buy and store gas. I didn’t have one, so I chose a push lawn mower. I also liked the idea of ​​turning the mowing chore into a workout. I should point out that I have a small garden. This battery lawn mower From Greenworks. However, I have had this reel mower for 3 seasons and it still works great.

I’ll have to watch a YouTube tutorial on how to sharpen the blade at some point, but for now it’s chopping blades of grass just like it was when I took it out of the box. I like. Sticks can stop the blade and get pretty jarring, so watch out. It goes without saying that pets and children should not be in the way when using this tool. — Eddie Sabatini, Production Manager

Greenworks Pro 80V 21″ Push Mower – $414.00 (17% off)

$414 at Amazon

It’s an open secret that one manufacturer actually makes several different versions of the basic electric lawn mower design under multiple brand names. A blue lawn mower sold by Lowes under the Kobalt brandThis is an 80 volt lawn mower and it works very well. I chose it because it was sold at Lowes, but if I were to buy it now, I would choose this model from Greenworks. It’s basically the same mower I own – except for the color, I actually prefer the green one anyway.

The 80 volt platform provides more than enough power for my lawn. That’s a fairly typical size for a suburban lot, and even a 2Ah battery will last about 3 full mowings.Provided by Amazon Two configurations of this Greenworks mower, one with two 2Ah batteries and one with 4Ah battery. They all have the same capacity, so it’s OK to choose the cheaper one. The battery can also be purchased separately and will work with any of that brand’s 80 volt tools. — Jeremy Korzeniewski, Consumer Editor

BLACK+DECKER 20V Max String Trimmer/Edger Kit – $95.04

$95.04 at Amazon

I picked up this Black+Decker string trimmer a few years ago (when did everyone stop calling me a weed wacker?). This particular listing is the exact one I utilized and is a bit of a starting kit as it includes not only the tool itself, but an extra spool of string, a battery charger, and two batteries. The battery has enough power to complete maintenance level trimming at the highest of the two power settings without depleting a single battery. On the rare occasion that you need a second device, you can quickly pull it out of the charger and get back to work.

Its power is perfectly sufficient to mow all kinds of standard Midwestern weeds, and when I recently picked up a competing brand string trimmer my father owned, I realized that this Black+Decker version I was surprised at how light weight it was. Use it with one hand to reach the lowest weeds in your front yard drain.

I’m perfectly happy with this as my only weed whipping solution, but its edging function should probably only be expected to be used in maintenance type situations. , you’ll probably need something more robust. — Eric Meyer, Multimedia Producer

RYOBI Lawn Mower 20″ 40V Brushless Cordless Walk-behind – Starting at $499.95

$499.95 at Amazon

I got an old equivalent of this mower a few years ago after moving to a house with a relatively small lawn (~6,500 square feet). The property is relatively flat, so we didn’t need a self-propelled unit. Even a relatively small battery can run an entire lawn on a single charge.Which happens to be the same one Greg highlighted), doubling the juice available.

It’s far quieter than any gas mower I’ve ever used, and I don’t even have to worry about ear protection. It’s like pushing a medium-sized box fan into your garden. One of my neighbors works the night shift, so if I decide to mow during the day, I don’t have to worry about waking him up. It’s lightweight, easily collapses to the size of your deck when not in use, and requires little maintenance. I couldn’t be happier. — Byron Hurd, Associate Editor

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