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15 DIY Presents Everyone on Your List Will Love

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For the last few years, the question of what constitutes a meaningful gift has been at the forefront of my focus.Especially in 2022, he said, with talk of an imminent recession and retailers driving sales well past Cyber ​​Monday, the pressure to buy manyAnd while I’ve become more intentional with my gift buying, I’m looking more to DIY gifts as a creative and lovingly made option.

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If you have not yet discovered the profound joy of creating with your hands, let me speak poetically. In my pursuit of a handmade home and a slow life, I have learned that filling a home with handmade goods is a satisfying lesson in love. It’s my goal to remind you in equal measure that you care and value your existence, and a DIY gift can convey just that.

Let’s get started! I feel that each of these gifts will be greeted with reverence. make this? ! “

hand knitted blanket

Flax and twine hand crochet blanket

We’ve seen blankets in everyone’s gift guide, and it makes sense. Nothing promotes winter comfort like a soft, warm throw. There are plenty of options online, but handmade is even more special. This project only took him an hour (!!) and if you’re new to crocheting, it couldn’t be easier to learn.

polymer clay knot paperweight

DIY Polymer Clay Knot Paperweight for Fall DIY

Skip the expensive West Elm options and fall in love with this simple trick. All you need is polymer clay, a craft knife, and sandpaper. If your friends are looking for a way to enhance their shelf game, this is it.

mushroom lamp

Collective Gen’s DIY Mushroom Lamp

So. pretty. I can’t stop swooning over these adorable lamps. Do you have a design-obsessed friend on your list? This adorable little lamp is perfect for your nightstand or office. If you’ve ever wondered what you can do with a metal mixing bowl other than baking treats, this is the answer.

fabric wine bag

Merrythought’s DIY Fabric Wine Bag

A bottle of wine is always a great gift, but why not add a handmade touch to the mix? We love sharing simple gifts with friends, but don’t forget to weave in something a little more personal. Please. These easy bags do the trick.

DIY taper candle

Alice & Lois DIY Taper Candles

The trend for colorful, bright and cheery candles is persistent. It’s a bit of a DIY, but the gorgeous ending is worth the money. If you want a more geometric, totally adorable candle,these bubble candles is delighted.

DIY dried flower bouquet

DIY Dried Flower Bouquet from Honest WTF

A fresh flower arrangement feels like a Valentine’s Day or anniversary gift. perfect move. You can buy dried flowers online or visit a craft store. In Chicago, I found several flower shops that also sell dried flowers. Follow our simple steps to create an arrangement that your gift recipient will be happy to keep for years to come.

Fluted Arch Plant Stand 2 Way

Fluted Arch Plant Stand 2 Ways From A Beautiful Mess

We love the bold look of these plant stands. They’re a cute way to elevate your plant mates (literally) and take their appearance to new heights. It can be created from start to finish in just minutes.

DIY faux stoneware candle holders

DIY faux stone candle holders from DIY Fall

If you’re not into the process of making your own candles, this DIY is an easy way to make a simple store-bought candle feel more special. What’s the secret to this candle holder’s cool stoneware effect? ​​Polymer and sand. Yeah, that’s it.

DIY knotted pillow

Sugar & Cloth DIY Knot Pillow

I’ve been coveting one of these pillows for years, but never felt like it was worth the price tag for me. It convinced me that it was. These little guys add a soft, sculptural touch to sofas, accent chairs, and beds.

DIY copper vase

Copper vase handmade from home Oh My

If you want to go the fresh flower route (take a dozen peach peonies, thank you very much), this is the perfect vessel. to

DIY concrete bowl

Alice & Lois DIY Concrete Bowl

We love the rustic elegance of these simple bowls. They look gorgeous on a coffee table or as a console catchall.

DIY notebook

Paper & Stitch DIY Notebook

As a writer who received a lot of notes at Christmas, love love love To find one of these in my stocking. But professions aside, these are great gifts for those who need to scribble ideas before they’re forgotten, or who are always on the lookout for a good doodling session.So… everyone on your list?

DIY simple potholders

Merrythought’s DIY Simple Potholders

When I started knitting, I gave my mother a potholder every Christmas. She used them often and lovingly, but I think she appreciates these stunners even more. An eco-friendly gift? you have accomplished the impossible.

DIY housewarming gift

DIY Housewarming Gifts from Crafted Life

No one likes moving in the winter, so if you have friends who’ve had to change houses during the colder months, they’ll appreciate receiving this gift. Candles, tea, jam, and a few DIY kitchen towels . I just moved a few months ago and confirmed. This gift brings me to tears (like the good kind).

DIY linen hair scrunchie

Collective Gen’s DIY Linen Hair Scrunchies

I don’t think the scrunchie trend is going anywhere (cute When Convenience—Double Win). Did you know it’s super easy to make? Opting for linen makes for a country girl chic gift rather than an ’80s aesthetic (which is a good thing). This is another good project using those linen scraps!

This post was originally published on December 9, 2018 and has since been updated.

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