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20 Bathroom Counter Organization Ideas for Clutter-Free Bliss

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There are a few places in the house that seem to bear the brunt of our intentions to clean up after us. (Side note: who *really* cleans up later?) These spaces include kitchen junk drawers, surfaces that used to be clear, and no shade, but shade…if you’re my partner , our living room floors. You can have peace of mind and peace of mind knowing that your objects and items are where you need them. And this truth reigns supreme when it comes to bathroom counter organization ideas.

But first we need to make room for those houses. To that end, the bathroom counter becomes a challenge. For many of us, it’s a high-traffic area that doesn’t offer many methods of storage. There is nothing that cannot be solved with a little creativity. In the spirit of helping us all get on with our spring cleaning chores, we’re sharing our favorite bathroom countertop organization ideas. It helps you embrace the season without feeling stressed. (just me?)

Featured image of Megan Roup’s house by Michelle Nash.

Image of Candice Nelson House by Michelle Nash

Design for peace of mind: 20 bathroom countertop organization ideas

All of our products have been carefully curated by our editors and we always give honest opinions whether it’s a gift or something you bought for yourself. can be obtained.

1. Make it monochrome

I have found that the same truth applies to my tailoring choices. Going monochrome makes everything feel instantly streamlined. Bathroom counters can reduce the visual clutter of a million busy product labels by using a single color palette. We recommend decanting toiletries such as soaps, lotions, etc. into similarly colored containers for a subdued and cohesive aesthetic.

2. Store non-essentials on the shelf under the sink

The bathroom counter has only this much space. If you’re like me, you’ll have space for soap containers, toothbrushes, and small vases full of flowers. However, if you don’t have the built-in luxury, simply install a shelf to store your regularly used essentials (toothpaste, facial cleanser, and all skin care products) for easy access. .

Image of Ashley Robertson’s house Daniel Sabol

3. Home everything with a tray

A cute tray not only adds dimension to your bathroom counter, but also creates a boundary for storing toiletries, accessories and other small items. I love how it not only provides a functional storage solution, but also turns your products and essentials into an aesthetic vignette. BONUS: When it’s time to wipe down the counter, just lift the tray and you’re good to go.

4. Store loose items in containers

Like I said, there are a lot of cotton balls that need corralling. If you have a lot of cotton swabs, wipes, makeup brushes, etc., put them in a clear glass jar or vase. This not only allows you to access your daily essentials, but also keeps them organized.

Image of Camille’s guest bathroom by Michelle Nash

5. Add cute pickups

If you don’t have your favorite flowers in your bathroom, start with this as a sign. It adds a nice natural element to your space and brightens up what is often designed as a functional room.Pro Tip: On a budget he goes to Trader Joe’s for a DIY bouquet. let’s I stopped by a local store yesterday and won the most gorgeous bouquet of white tulips for $5.

6. Attach the shelf

Trust us: just add a little extra storage gigantic difference. Whether it’s on the toilet or by the bathroom mirror, choose a location that offers the most cost-effectiveness while keeping the walls uncluttered. This is a great opportunity to make an impact by displaying not only products but also climbing plants such as pothos.

Image of Liana Levy’s house Thiel Thomsen

7. Set the scent (and vibe)

What’s more luxurious and calming than candles that define the ambiance perfectly? Soft Flicker provides the ideal lighting and is the ideal mood lighting for a night of self-care. Check out our favorite picks here.

8. Go acrylic

When it comes to bathroom countertop organization ideas, it’s best to emphasize both functionality and style. The best proof of this is the ubiquity of acrylic organizers. These are a great option for beauty products and other daily essentials.

9. Take advantage of height

The goal is to maintain a clean and clear space, so opt for vertical storage instead of occupying space horizontally. Stack acrylic containers, buy rectangular storage, or even a small cake stand works in a pinch!

Images of Ashley Merrill’s House Thiel Thomsen

10. Embrace the outdoors

Choose low-light plants that add an organic touch of green to your space, similar to the Zen-like charm of a vase. Choose fake artificial plants.

11. Store the tenugui in the basket

Bring a touch of luxury hotel touch into your guest bathroom by storing your hand towels in a rolled and woven basket. Design choices instantly add a touch of effortless elegance.

Image of Samantha Wennerström House Sarah Prince

12. Utilize center space

If you have double vanity, consider yourself lucky first. Second, make sure you’re getting the most out of this intermediate stretch. While you might be concerned about crowding the space, between sinks is a great place for well-stacked trays.

13. Add end table

If you’re short on counter space in your bathroom, add a small end table next to the sink to store a few essentials. Please try to keep it down.

14. Store your medicine in a chic storage box

They are 100% necessary, but they are not the most aesthetically pleasing if bathroom essentials. A simple solution: keep it within reach in a stylish storage box.

Image of Brian and Jessie De Rowe’s House by Michelle Nash

15. Pare It Back

If you take one tip from this list of bathroom countertop organization ideas, it’s this: We all want to infuse a space with personality, but prioritize what you need and add a few decorative pieces here and there…especially if your bathroom is small. The result is a calming space where everything has a home.

16. Think twice about soap

Of course, hand soap is a necessity, of course, but it can also be used as a little fun. Choose cute soap containers that you’ll love to see, or choose bars and sweet dishes that add a pop of personality to your bathroom.

17. Store your jewelry in a small catchall

If you have a few go-to pieces of jewelry that you wear every day, much like medicine, chances are you keep them in your bathroom. I love having a little catchall to keep things in place.

Image by Michelle Nash

18. Don’t be afraid to match

A common theme for keeping your bathroom organized and clutter-free is to choose just a few colors and patterns (three, three tops) to keep it calm. An easy way to achieve this is to buy matching bottles for your soaps and lotions. Trust me, it will go a long way in grounding your space.

19. Maintain a consistent height

If you go the vertical tissue route, be careful not to have too much of a height difference. He needs all the pieces of the bathroom counter to flow in one smooth line.

20. Use a mirror cabinet

A mirrored medicine cabinet is a popular and easy way to add a little more internal storage to your space. The good news is that installation is much easier than you think. See below for some of our favorite storage-saving options.

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