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Alfa Romeo Subcompact Electric SUV Based on Jeep Avenger Due in 2024: Report

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as a brand alfa romeo Based on an Italian sensibility for design and passion. That will last until it releases its first EV in the form of a subcompact crossover that is said to hit some markets next year.

Update: 04/11/23 8:30 PM ET: Post updated with Alfa Romeo’s response to The Drive.

According to a report from auto car, the new subcompact SUV will be based on the same STLA small platform as the Jeep Avenger. Current information suggests naming this wear the Brennero, but there’s still time for Alfa Romeo to come up with something better. This means it has a 54 kWh battery and a single electric motor driving the front wheels with 154 bhp and 192 lb-ft of torque. Range should be around 250 miles.

A mild hybrid version will also be available in select markets, according to the report. In any case, hybrids will be gone as Alfa Romeo will only go EV after his 2027.

especially, auto cars The report is for the UK market. Whether such a model will come to the US is an open question. drive reached out to Alfa Romeo about the story, but the automaker declined to comment.

Platform sharing is a strategy designed to get the most value out of Alfa Romeo. Stellantis has used this strategy before. Alfa Romeo rebranding his Tonale to Dodge Hornet was a sign of chagrin for Alfa’s management. However, this time around, rather than simply slap a round badge on the front of existing Jeep models, it’s likely Alfa Romeo products will get new sheet metal.

In terms of design, this model likely takes its cues from the original Alfa Romeo Giulietta, according to CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato’s hint. It is expected to help reshape Alfa Romeo’s sales.The company sold just over 30,000 cars in Europe in 2022, compared with 54,365 in 2019. In 2011, it was a long, slow decline for the company, which sold over 131,000 cars.

Last year, former UK boss Damien Daly spoke out about the future of the brand. auto car Alfa Romeo wanted to increase sales. “We want to move from an emotional brand to a rational brand,” but the brand’s exotic image is not contributing to sales.

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It’s no secret that Alfa Romeo has struggled in the 21st century. Repeated efforts to revitalize the brand have met with limited success, and the brand now sells just a fraction of what it once did. Whether a modest SUV built on a shared platform can revitalize the company remains to be seen. Dedicated fans hope the legendary Italian brand can thrive again, even if some pedestrian models have to pay the bills in the meantime.

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