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2022 Gift Guide: Teens, In-Laws and Teachers

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Who’s left on your holiday shopping list? There are always a few people who are hard to buy. You said that the people who suffer the most are teenagers, parents-in-law, grandparents, and teachers. So here are a ton of ideas, most of which he’s under $30…

Teens and Tweens:

Teens are notoriously difficult to shop for (there are so many strong opinions and so many ways to hold back!). “College town coffee her shop gift card,” suggested Abby, who is 19 years old. “and i love drunk elephant cleanser this vegan milk cleanser’ Meanwhile, 14-year-old Leon shared his own wishlist.vans novelty socks, cheese danishes, and some radical survival stuff. What if all else fails?Obtain yoyoFrom my 9-year-old to my 71-year-old father, everyone immediately wants to rock the baby or walk the dog.


“Teachers move the world” is an understatement. (Useful example: Anton’s teacher brought drum pads to the break area of ​​the classroom because, as she told him, “drummers have to play the drums.”) Show your appreciation with a child’s drawing, says a teacher named Christine: Pin it to the back of your desk to cheer yourself up on a tough day and remind yourself why you love your job. please. “It’s also great to email your boss and share anecdotes about what we’ve done for your child,” adds Whitney. But the children themselves can’t make a mistake, says Sarah.


Food gifts are always a solid choice for in-laws. greek olive oil Also the most delicious cookies We had it all year round.Treat grandparents if you have a little guy neck warmer Also scarf On a sledding date. And if your in-laws are into true crime podcasts or her The White Lotus, give this one. murder mystery books solve. finally, donation Helping people thrive is always beautiful.

idea? Did these help? Any other stampers on your list?

PS Last year’s hard-to-find guide and completion Information about the 2022 Cup of Jo gift!

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