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23 Faux Houseplants That Are as Realistic as They Are Stunning

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A friend often comes to me with a houseplant problem. Problems like fallen leaves, sad wilting, no new growth. They are usually surprised to hear my diagnosis. That means it’s not a foliage plant. Instead, I suggest bringing a friend who wants some greenery into their living space to bring a fake houseplant for a test drive.

Think about the conditions in which plants grow outdoors. Humidity in the air, natural sunlight and pollinators flying around. Some plants perform better than others in indoor environments, but dry air quality, inadequate lighting, and poor soil cause most plants to eventually die off. It is for these reasons that I am all about the fake houseplant trend.

Featured image by Michelle Nash.

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The most realistic looking fake plants on the internet

Most of our favorite stores sell incredible artificial houseplants, making it easy to add a realistic botanical splash to your home. Gone are the days of sticky, waxy-looking fake houseplants. These days, it’s virtually impossible to spot a fake houseplant. There are artificial houseplant versions of almost every plant, from sprouting bulbs to full-fledged figs.

Best Fake Hanging and Trailing Plants

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best artificial tree

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best fake spray, flowers, branches

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The best artificial succulents, cacti, and

Image by Michelle Nash

best fake houseplants

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This post was originally published on March 18, 2019 and has since been updated.

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