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36 Spring Break Activities That Won’t Break the Bank

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As a mother of two young children, we understand the importance of keeping them entertained during their long-awaited spring break.But both require some real strategy to plan fun spring break activities. and Affordable for the whole family.

Over the years, I’ve become very creative and have found fun things to do with my kids and husband during this week of no school and hey(?) no work. Please let me know if you haven’t noticed the same. The most obvious activities are often also very expensive. But before you stress, I got you. Through trial and error, I’ve come up with lots of ideas to keep everyone involved and connected. , don’t worry. There are many things you can do without your hands and feet.

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spring break outdoor activities

Depending on where you live, some of the best spring break activities are those that can be done outdoors. As a California mom myself, my husband and I enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities. I am lucky to be able to take my children to

1. Picnic with friends. Call some of your best friends (maybe other parents too!) and grab a blanket and some snacks and head to the park. If you’re looking for recipe ideas, these are our favorites.

2. Explore the neighborhood parks. Go on a nature walk and get to know your neighborhood a little better. Bonus points if you can find a trail that teaches you about the land.

3. Go hiking. After being stuck at home all winter, we must be craving a little fresh air. Good news. This is one of the best ways to get him. Disclaimer: Hiking may not be optimal for children under the age of 5 unless they are comfortable with a little extra weight on their backs.

Four. Cycle along the beach. Who doesn’t love a good bike ride? Beaches, parks, and trails make for a great family-friendly spring break outing that also gets some exercise.

5. Host a sandcastle contest. This is something my kids can’t get enough of. Grab your bucket and head to the beach and let the kids get creative in the sand. And if you still live somewhere cold (see my New England friends), snow castles work just as well!

6. Volunteer at a community garden. I love taking my kids to the community garden during spring break to teach them early lessons about giving back while also making them proud of their work.

7. Clean the beach. Another spring break activity that’s also a great learning experience. Go to the beach, park, or neighborhood and help clean up the trash. This is a great opportunity to teach children about the importance of sustainability.

8. Make a lemonade stand. Infinitely classic. Fun for the whole family and a great way to start training to be an entrepreneur.

9. Car wash for good reason. A neighborhood car wash is a fun way to cool off, help your neighbors, and give back to a good cause.

10. Collect rocks and paint them. Simple but effective! Find a rock in your backyard and paint it on your little character. This keeps kids entertained, creative, and gives them the opportunity to play with rock characters all day until bedtime.

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indoor spring break activities

Even if you live where the sun hasn’t risen yet, you’re in luck. Here are some great spring break activities you can do from the comfort of your own home. Here are some of my favorites that my kids enjoy.

11. Make a vision board. Be crafty while teaching your children the value of uncovering their goals. For all the steps, get Camille’s complete guide to her vision boarding here. (Trust me, as an adult with your own dreams, you Love this. )

12. Organize a book club. This means reading a book aloud to younger children or having the whole family read the same book. .

13. Hooks and latches. This is a relaxing hobby that I love so much that my children want to participate. The best part about this is that it’s cold and very quiet. these instructions We have everything you need to get started.

14. Make a puppet and put on a show. Inspire future entertainers! It’s always a lot of fun to see the stories children create.

15. Explore the museum. Museums are great indoor activities with lots to see and learn. You can spend hours digging deep.

16. Write and perform a play. Connect with your inner von Trapp family and start a family theater troupe at home!

17. Go to the movies with your family. With all the streaming platforms available, it’s perfectly possible to entertain the kids (and moms and dads!) with a movie night.

18. Have a game night. UNO, Go Fish, Rummy and more! There are plenty of options for enjoying a great all-ages game night at home over Spring Break. See here for a list of all-time favorites.

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craft spring break activities

19. Try tie-dyeing. Shirts, dish towels, tote bags, everything! Tie-dye is a little messy, but a lot of fun. Be sure to take this outside.

20. Make pottery together. Find clay at the 100-yen store and let your kids get creative with making shapes. Paint them for added fun!

21. DIY your own play dough. The fun of making with fewer stakes than pottery. Great for youngsters who just want to mash and shape their dough.

22. Sign up for a craft class. P.S. Home Depot hosts classes for kids of all ages once a month.

23. Make a scrapbook. Capture all your memories in a handmade book full of printed photos. They’ll love taking it out and looking back at all the fun you’ve had as a family.

24. Draw a picture and hold an art show. Maybe you’re raising the next Picasso.

25. Design costumes and host fashion shows. …or the next Vera Wang!

26. Mail letters and art to loved ones. Surprise your long-distance relationship with a handwritten letter or a drawing to warm your heart.

27. Make a wind chime. An easy activity like this can keep you showing off on your porch for years.

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Great family spring break trip

If you want to take a vacation but don’t have the budget to go on a full-blown spring break vacation, there are plenty of ways to get the same feeling without breaking the bank. There are several spring break activities that can be done on affordable day trips with the family.

28. House swap. Ask your friends if they want to swap houses for a few days. This makes you feel like you are in a brand new space without having to pay for a hotel.

29. Camping or glampingIf the weather permits, spend a few nights outdoors and stay in a tent. If that’s not your vibe, cabins are always a fun and relatively affordable option.

30. Go on a road trip. Create a playlist, pack some snacks, and hit the open road. Sometimes road trips are the most fun, even if you don’t have an overnight destination.

31. Visit a national park. Get outside your neighborhood park and go to a park a few hours away for a change of scenery.

32. Go to an aquarium or zoo. My curious kids love it, and I have to say it’s a fun time as an adult too.

32. Explore the Science Center. This is another educational experience that everyone will love.

33. Volunteer on the farm. For animal lovers and for a change of pace! Check out farms in your area to see if you and your family can help with his day.

34. I will meet my friends in a nearby city. If you have friends or family nearby, ask them if they can spend the night exploring the area.

35. Visit nearby historic buildings. Farming is a great spring break activity.

36. Rent an Airbnb. Last but not least, Airbnb is always a fun escape. Not the most affordable, but not extremely expensive either!

happy spring break!

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