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Dig in! A chocolate Hyundai Ioniq 6 for dessert!

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One bite: Amaury Guichon’s chocolate electric car.

Zero to 60 times are not included in the specification. It is a bit unreasonable to put “electricity” in the explanation. Pastry chef Guichon’s sweet dream come true is pure calories.

A 3 minute YouTube video showing all the hard work and dedication of the art. Guichon Molded, carved and decorated, the chef’s vision of the Hyundai Ioniq 6 comes to life. Even the tires are chocolate.

Some comments on the video called Guichon “the Michelangelo of baking.” He seems to have amassed a large following over the years with other chocolate-his projects such as a fox sculpture, a fire hydrant, and of course chocolate his Velociraptor.of chef Half French, half Swiss, he currently works in Las Vegas and teaches classes on pastry design and creation.He recently hosted a reality series chocolate school upon netflix.

It’s unclear if his candy sedan will direct customers to Hyundai dealerships, but it could direct them to Lindt stores.

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