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5 Subtle Signs Your Friend Is a Narcissist

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Many of us wonder if our friend is a narcissist. Sadly there are many narcissists in the world and they will try to abuse your friendship. It’s not good to stay friends with a narcissist because they will continue to hurt you and abuse your kindness.

If you’re wondering if your friend is a narcissist, here are five subtle signs to look out for.

1. Think of yourself as ‘better than you’

One subtle sign that your friend is a narcissist is if they see themselves as superior to you. By seeing themselves as superior to you, they think they can roam around you and abuse the kindness you have shown them by being their friend. It’s not about how you should approach the Friends should be caring, loving, and supportive.

Narcissists see themselves as superior to others because of their pride and their erroneous view of the outside world. (including “friends”) are not as important as yourself. If you find that your friend thinks you’re better than them or directly says they’re better than you, walk away from the friendship. Staying friends with the narcissist will only cause more problems for you in the future.

2. Not there when you need it most

A second subtle sign that your friend is a narcissist is if they aren’t there when you need them most. They don’t stick around when you’re sad, hurt, or going through a difficult time. They don’t think about you when they need you.

If you don’t have friends when you need them most, you can’t rely on them. You can’t build a strong bond of friendship if you’re only around the fun times, summer vacations, and parties, and not the hard times. A non-narcissist friend will stay by your side and not let you down when you’re having a hard time. They surround you with prayers, hope and encouragement.

3. Feel bad about yourself

A third subtle sign that your friend is a narcissist is if they make you feel bad about yourself. If you find yourself in a relationship, take an honest look at your friendships to see what’s going on. Friends shouldn’t feel bad about each other about themselves. It makes you feel bad about yourself because it reminds you how “better” than you are.

If your friends make you feel bad about yourself all the time, it’s probably because they’re narcissists. You should be kind and friendly, but you are under no obligation to maintain friendships. The Lord does not want you to be surrounded by people who make you feel bad about yourself. Putting yourself down all the time can lead to negative self-image, depression, anxiety, or eating disorders. increase.

We all tend to be our own worst critics, so we don’t need someone else to reinforce our negative thoughts and views about ourselves. or are negatively comparing who they are to who you are, the best thing to do is walk away from the friendship. If you are struggling with , you should surround yourself with friends who will encourage and cheer you up. As you take steps to make new friends, ask God to guide you to these individuals and help you become good friends in return.

4. Hurt you and never be offended

A fourth subtle sign that your friend is a narcissist is if they never take offense when they hurt you. , it’s probably because he or she is a narcissist. Instead, they may try to hold you accountable and gaslight you. A narcissist doesn’t have a lot of sympathy bandwidth. So when they hurt you, they probably won’t be offended.

You are not qualified to date a narcissist. Rather, you deserve friends who lift you up, sit by your side in your grief, and stand up for you. Part of the friendship process includes apologizing for mistakes and trying to correct those mistakes. Narcissists never make this effort and instead try to act like they have done nothing wrong.

This can be very taxing on your mental health as it can make you feel insane. If you try to do so, they are gaslighting you. You have the option to walk away and remove yourself from the situation. Unless this friend is your roommate, you should be able to properly distance yourself from this person. If this person is your roommate, now is a good time to find a new place to stay.

5. After being together, you feel exhausted and exhausted

A fifth subtle sign that your friend is a narcissist is if you feel exhausted and exhausted after spending time with them. If you are, you will feel good, loved, and recharged when you come home. , which usually makes you uncomfortable, disables your emotions, and sometimes even drives you insane, thus robbing other people of their energy (gaslighting).

If you find yourself exhausted and exhausted after spending time with a friend, try to find out why. Did you? If so, it’s best to distance yourself from that person. Sadly, in the case of a narcissist, they may not realize you’ve distanced themselves and move on to other friends. .

Even if you’ve invested in your friendship with a narcissist for a long time, know that it’s okay to let this person go. Yes, you can experience healing and growth in the future by making new friends. Churches, Bible studies, colleges, and workplaces are great places to meet friends. There are many wonderful people who need friends like you.

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