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5 Ways Couples Can Forgive and Move Past Disagreements in Their Marriage

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because JesusAfter death on the cross, God forgives our sins and chooses to remember them no more. marriageChoosing a battle is important. If you’re fighting over petty annoyances, it might be time to analyze why you get upset so easily. If previous issues were properly handled and unforgivable, they may be related to current arguments. As Christians, we are called to forgive others seventy times seven. You should do the same in your marriage. Forgive past issues, then analyze whether the current argument you’re getting into is worth fighting for.

Conflict is difficult in any marriage. But unresolved conflicts and unchecked minds can lead to emotional separation, or worse, divorce. Choose not to make divorce an option. Forgive when necessary, give each other the benefit of the doubt, and above all, surrender the situation to the Lord. God wants the best in your marriage because it reflects Christ’s relationship with the church. to be a better role model in the marriage of

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